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By: SimPack Packaging Manufactures  01-12-2011
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The modern refuse sacks are usually made of polypropylene (CPP, OPP, MOPP and BOPP) or polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE). The sacks can have a different capacity and density, and come in varying amounts in the package. Many of these products are certified and comply with specific standards. Both, the bags made of polypropylene and those made of polyethylene are available at low prices, with fast delivery, and with the possibility to get advice from qualified professionals. The wholesale buyers and regular customers can receive significant discounts and deferred payments.

Many individual buyers and companies (cleaning and transport companies, and others) use garbage bags. Since the choice of products is so wide, it is important to find the refuse sacks that will meet your specific requirements. In this article, we will talk about the different types of garbage bags available on the market today, and the properties of the common materials used in their making.

The garbage sacks are most often available in a range of polyethylene (polythene, PE) and polypropylene (polypropene, PP). The polyethylene bags come in two main types of this plastic: the LDPE (Low Density Polythene) and HDPE (High Density Polythene). Following are the specific characteristics of the LDPE and HDPE polythene, as well as the polypropylene packaging.

HDPE is produced by polymerization of ethylene at high pressures and temperatures. It is probably the widest used plastic for the manufacturing of various types of films and bags. HDPE has a very high tensile and compression strength, as well as it is shockproof, waterproof, and vapor-proof. In addition, it has a high chemical resistance.

LDPE is made of low pressure polyethylene. This material also has high tensile and compression strength. However, it has low impact resistance and high permeability. This material is vulnerable to vapor and water, and therefore it is unsuitable for the products that are sensitive to oxidation. If you need refuse sacks that are durable and waterproof, you need them made of HDPE rather than LDPE.

Polypropylene is a propylene (propene) polymer, which is obtained through propylene polymerization. Polypropylene bags are separated by the product type (e.g., sugar, flour, cement, etc.). This material provides high impact strength, high resistance to abrasion and flexing, as well as high resistance to boiling water, alkalis, and low/high temperatures. This material has low vapor permeability and good dielectric properties. The color of the material does not get affected by high/low temperature or the ultraviolet rays - its color can remain the same for decades. This plastic is suitable for the packaging of food products. It is lightweight. It can come in any size and density.

The price of any refuse sacks will depend on the number that you order. As the quantity increases, the discount will increase.

Keywords: Packaging Products, Refuse Bags

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