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By: Sim  11-11-2011
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This group blog features updates from our "champions" who are promoting resources and best practices in the various areas that represent the top priority ministries of SIM.

24 February 2010

— Hannelore questions, "Has children's ministry become an integral part of what we are and what we do as SIM?" in this


blog post.

3 February 2010

— After 25 years in youth ministry I have seen heaps of short-term impact of effective youth ministry but the same cannot be said of long-term impact.

22 December 2009

— I've spent several months in Jesus' Sermon the Mount, to better understand his directions for us as disciples. What does a city set on a hill look like in the winter?

20 November 2009

— There are many strange paradoxes about youth culture around the world and one of them is very confusing for adults and youth workers.

27 October 2009

— Every fifth person in the world is from an Islamic background. Islam is the second largest religion in the world—only Christianity has more adherents.

30 September 2009

— I have just come back from two weeks in Zambia where I travelled around various parts of the country and met youth leaders and pastors.

14 September 2009

— In a recent visit to Zambia I was reminded of the freedom, personal respect, and resilience that comes when children and young people understand deeply that they are special and valuable.

21 August 2009

— Sean tackles the issue of sex in youth culture—particularly how we deal with it within Christian youth ministry.

29 July 2009

— Keeping us safe has become a global business, with products ranging from security alarms and rapid response teams to face masks and capsicum spray.

20 July 2009

— Insights into the SIM "CrucialMoments" Regional Gathering held in Lima, Peru.

8 July 2009

— I guess many of you have been following the news items about the elections in Iran. I think this is a very pivotal election but I am also interested in the impact young people and technology is having on the issues surrounding the election.

19 June 2009

— In the wider world, technology is changing people's lives and the way they communicate, but these impacts are more extreme in the youth culture.

10 June 2009

— Last month I had the privilege of participating in the Global Children’s Forum and representing SIM’s children’s ministries there.

2 June 2009

— One morning at breakfast at the Global Leaders Gathering in Kenya recently, I sat across the table from Younoussa Djao (Director of the SIM West Africa Partnership Office).

20 May 2009

— I think we are all facing the realities of the struggling economic situation around the world.

6 May 2009

— During the last month I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with many of SIM’s leaders and learn about what is going on in the different countries.

30 April 2009

— I have to admit that at the moment I am contemplating a number of big issue questions about how to develop effective youth ministry around the world.

16 April 2009

— I have been thinking about the way that young people receive and take on information. Often in Christian circles a lot of truth and understanding is done in a form of one person speaking or instructing a large group of people (one to many).

7 April 2009

— Much has been written about mentoring and also about coaching with the two terms often being used interchangeably. The more I learn, I think I am seeing a distinction between these 2 words.

30 March 2009

— Israel Ndlovu, of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, contributes the following out of the experiences of the ESSA Christian AIDS Program.

Keywords: Children's Ministry

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