By: Safconsult  11-11-2011

MSI takes control of the planning, scheduling and controlling of resources. We pride ourselves in turnkey solutions for projects, applying knowledge and integrity . We integrate budget and time constraints, socio-economic and management issues with our clients' needs.

The core of the service is that in most cases MSI takes over the electricity account for the location and is then totally responsible for paying all bulk electricity accounts to the authority (Eskom or municipality) and collecting revenue for electricity usage from individual customers. The responsible body for the location (body corporate, residents association etc.) has no further responsibility with respect to electricity supply.

The retail tariff used by MSI for their customers is the same as that used by the supply authority (ESKOM or local authorities) in the area for their retail customers.

This margin is used to provide the vending service, manage the deposits and payment of bulk accounts, provide a Customer Care Helpline service during the day and after hours and provide the on-site technical support and maintenance of meters.

It is our mission to maintain our good reputation as a respected company and to make a positive contribution towards service delivery.