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By: Reflex Products  11-11-2011
Keywords: Light Diffusers

Specialised products for the industry include incubator hoods, oxygen hoods and air filters.
Vacuum chambers, repairs to acrylic parts of autoclaves, housings and other scientific apparatus.

Polycarbonate High Bay light diffusers and regular fluorescent light diffusers as well as vacuum formed vapor proof fluorescent diffusers as required by law in any area where food or fruit is exposed or being packaged. Vacuum formed straight and curved sections for conveyer covers.
Sneeze guards for deli counters, coffee bean dispensing tubes, price tag holders, menu holders, table talkers, table numbers, cake domes, salad bowls with acrylic domes, domes for bread and roll baskets, vacuum formed catering size trays, cutting boards, patty presses, sushi plates, etc.
Vacuum formed and fabricated point of purchase stands for cosmetics, jewellery, sweets and chocolates, pens and pencils, spectacles, books and magazines etc.
Moulded windscreens for power boats, rubber ducks, yachts and ski boats. Repairs to hatches and sky-lights. Custom tanks for hydraulic oil, fresh and grey water.
Custom acrylic furniture such as coffee tables, side tables, bar stools and dining room tables. Fish tanks custom made in all shapes and sizes. Custom toilet roll and soap holders. Skylight domes and atrium covers.
Leaflet, pamphlet and brochure holders for all sizes in singles and multiples, free standing, wall mount or cable mount. Light boxes for hanging, vertical or horizontal display.
Polycarbonate machine guards and covers, general milling and turning, plastic welding and glycerene shaping. Wear strips, profiling.
Acrylic stands and dust covers for fidelity equipment, custom loud speaker cabinets in clear acrylic like never before to your own design.
Fax paper organizers for fax machines, switchboard stands, computer dust covers and knick-knack holders.
Vacuum formed customised Christmas decorations.
Camera housings, security camera domes and polycarbonate windows.

Keywords: Light Diffusers