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By: Protea Seeds  12-08-2011
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Try our selection of protea seeds, seed primer, fertilizer and protea and wildflower watercolour prints made in Africa.

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At last Kirstenbosch has printed the second edition of its popular and long sold out "Grow Proteas" book in its Gardening Series. We are happy to provide you with this excellent newly revised edition that is full of the latest information on cultivating and propagating South African proteaceae.

  • Smoke Primer to help you germinate your seeds.
  • Specially formulated fertilizer for the special needs of proteas.
  • Aluminium labels to label your bushes.

These plants have separate male and female bushes. The females have the cones that give them their common name: Conebushes. The foliage of these shrubs is beautiful even when the plant is not flowering. Use this to give your garden year-round colour and interest.

These are the famous pincushions that light up the Western Cape in early summer. Generally they are quite robust and give good cut flowers.

This genus is very small, and occurs only in the Western Cape. The feathery flowers give this bush its common name - featherbush.

Our farm is in the middle of the Sandveld, an area known for its showy spring flower displays. Many of these flowers are actually succulents. Our mountain itself has many aloes, vygies and mesembs growing between the rocks on the drier slopes. In this section of the store you can buy some of these seeds.

These beautiful reproductions are printed on textured recycled paper and are very attractive when framed. We like them especially because almost all the plants in the collection occur on our farm, and the pictures are very true to life. You can buy prints singly or in sets.

Keywords: Fertilizer, Flowers, Plants, Seeds, Smoke Primer

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