By: Program You  11-11-2011

Placer Search & Replacer Help


What does this program do?

  • Placer is a plain-text search and replace tool with some unique features:

    » Search and replace text inside documents and folders.
    » Replace text in document names and folder names.
    » Search subfolders.
    » Search multiple places at the same time.
    » Search for multiple lines of text.
    » Basic support for Word documents.
    » Use wildcards (with regular expressions).
    » Save your searches and results.
    » Undo changes.

Who could use this program?

  • Placer is a tool for developers and content editors, designers and information workers in general. If you need to find or replace text in a tree of documents or a single document reliably, you could make use of Placer.

Is Placer safe?

  • Placer has been tested extensively over a few public and test releases and the latest version is very stable.

  •  Placer will stop all activity immedietly if the search or replace button is pressed a second time. The search and replace buttons work as highly responsive stop buttons in case you would like to stop a search at any time.

  • Undo makes it easy to restore documents that you might have incorrectly replaced. The success of an undo depends on the level of access granted to the documents being replaced. Always try to make your own backups before replacing as an additional precaution.

How can I find text?

  1. Enter text into the Find what text-box:

  2. Choose at least 1 place to search:

    (select Add documents to search here or drag documents onto the Placer surface)

  3. And then press the Find button.

  4. This will start a search. To stop the search at any time, press the button again.

How can I find multiple lines of text?

  • Pull the grip under the text-box down until the box is large enough to enter multiple lines of text.

How can I choose a place to search?

  • press the Add documents to search here button. Alternatively you can drag & drop a folder or document onto Placer's surface.

How can I search subfolders?

  • When a folder is added, you'll see a tick-box for it in the Subfolders column. Leaving the tick-box selected will cause the search to search the folder and it's subfolders.

How can I replace text?

  1. Select the replace tab:

    The Replace with text-box and a red Replace button will appear.

  2. Enter text into the Find what and Replace with text-boxes.

  3. Press the red replace button.

    This will start a replace. To stop the replace at any time, press the button again.

How can I undo a replace?

  • Press the Tools button and choose Enable undo in the Settings window.

How can I view, print or save the search results?

  • Press the results button, just above the search results, to view results for a selected place.

  • Save search results by choosing the Save All Results option from the Save split-button.

  • Save the selected place's search results from your Web browser after pressing the result button.

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