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By: Oiccg  11-11-2011
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An Overview of the following specialist services provided by OICCG

Corrosion Control (CORO)

Installation, management and maintenance of Cathodic Protection systems at at bulk liquid storage and handling facilities, along buried and submerged pipelines and at underground storage tank retail installations. Essentially this service comprises installation and maintenance of Cathodic Protection (CP) systems.


  • OICCG was founded on this technology.
    We are fully skilled in its application and are abreast of global developments.

  • Most CP systems fail as a result of neglect to monitor their essential operating parameters and perform regular maintenance.

  • OICCG provide a continuous management service for CP installations with regular inspections and risk reports.

  • OICCG can integrate benefits from activities in CP, ASTI, RAP and PMP in a cost effective and user efficient manner.

Risk Assessment Program (RAP)

RAP has been developed by the Oil Industry Corrosion Control Group and is designed to assess the risk associated with Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems typical of those found at petrol filling stations. Life expectancy of UST systems has been found to vary widely. Whilst mechanical failure due to poor construction is the main reason for UST failure during initial service, thereafter corrosion becomes the principle cause of leaks. The connecting steel pipes in a UST system are particularly venerable to corrosion induced leaks.

  • RAP provides a comprehensive assessment of UST systems. The type of construction, soil characteristics, environmental sensitivity and leak history are assessed to compute Risk Ratings and Failure Prediction Index (FPI).
  • RAP computes risk Ratings and FPI that are used in a risk matrix to provide recommendations to reduce risk.
  • RAP computes statistics associated with soil geology and corrosivity, environmental characteristics and sensitivity as well as UST performance used in determining trends and identifying high risk areas requiring special attention.
  • Participants also have the option of using the RAP data in conjunction with an OICCG managed Geographical Information System.

Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection System (ASTI)

ASTI has been developed by the Oil Industry Corrosion Control Group and is designed to provide a systematic guide to tank inspection, simplify inspection reports and facilitate management of tank data.


  • ASTI is based on OICCG tank inspection procedures that are guided by API 653.

  • ASTI provides standardised inspection specifications, stores historic data, provides comprehensive evaluation reports and schedules future inspections.

  • Recommendations are designed to extend tank life by 10 yrs. ASTI includes a tank management system that archives tank data and schedules in-service and out-of-service inspections.

Pipeline Management Program (PMP)

OICCG's Pipeline Management Program (PMP) covers a range of technical, engineering and information services associated with the installation, monitoring, maintenance and mapping of surface and sub-surface pipelines.


  • Location, marking and Differentially Corrected Positioning Survey (DGPS) of buried pipelines.

  • Assessment of buried pipeline coating systems using Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) and Close Interval

  • Potential Survey (CIPS).

  • Correlation of data from different inspection sources including Pipeline Intelligent Gauging (PIG).

  • Compilation of an integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) designed as a decision support tool. The strength of GIS is the ability to analyse the relationships between different sources of data within the framework of GPS references. For example, high risk points on a pipeline can be related to other data sets such as roads, property boundaries, rivers, wetlands, boreholes, etc. example

  • PMP provides a database platform and user interface for client data which is maintained by OICCG. Predefined projects are available to participants on CD-ROM to easily address common queries. OICCG handle more complex queries from a centrally administered GIS.

Special Services

Special Services offered by OICCG include non-destructive testing, project management and corrosion consultantcy

  • OICCG provide a comprehensive non-destructive inspection service.
  • OICCG provide absailing rope access to high structures such as aboveground storage tanks (ASTs). OICCG use this rope access to carry out comprehensive UT on the shell of AST's.
  • OICCG offer project management on turn-key projects which can include, for example, design, installation and commissioning of corrosion protection systems.
  • OICCG provide a consultancy service to participants. OICCG are members of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, South African Institute of Non Destrutive Testing and South African Corrosion Institute and represents participants of various industry commities including the South African Electrolysis Committee and South African Bereua of Standards

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