Lucky Star | Canned Tuna

By: Oceana Brands  11-11-2011
Keywords: Fish, Salt, Tuna

In a canned fish sector which is categorized by variable quality, Lucky Star brings the premium quality standard at an economical and consistently affordable price. Lucky Star Canned Tuna also offers consumers a healthy and tasty offering with a convenient easy-opening lid.


  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of South Africa.
  • Diabetes South Africa
  • Kosher
  • Halaal
  • NRCS Stamp of Approval
  • Dolphin Friendly
  • Both the shredded Tuna and Tuna chunk products are available in Water, with salt added and Vegetable oil


Oil variant:

Tuna (fish), sunflower oil, salt.

Water variant:

Tuna (fish), water, salt.

Did u know?

Tuna is a member of the scombridae family. It is probably the most popular fish used for canning today and is prized for its distinctively rich-flavored flesh that is moderate to high in fat, firmly textured, flaky and tender. Found in all oceans around the world with the exception of the polar seas, tuna inhabits the upper and middle layers of ocean waters to a depth of 1,600 feet or more (500 metres), depending on size and species. Tuna roam long distances and are agile predators, often feeding on smaller, particularly schooling, fishes.

Keywords: Canned Fish, Fish, Salt, Tuna

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With the leading market share in the South African market, Lucky Star Canned Pilchards are the only canned Pilchards endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation with regards to heart friendly salt, fat and Omega-3 fatty acid levels. Pilchards are small pelagic fish, shoaling members of the Sardinops genus, which filter feed on plankton in typically the nutrient rich up-welling zones of cold currents.


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Sardines are small silvery fish with a single dorsal fin located over the middle of the body, a forked caudal fin and a keel of large spiny scales along the belly. Radiating stria on the operculum distinguishes this species from other members of this family in the region. S. sagax exhibits widely scattered dark spots along the sides. Typically the size processed is approximately 21 cms.


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Apart from the great taste, Jack Mackerel is also a high source of protein, a rich source of selenium and calcium, full of Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in iodine and, because of its tomato content, also full of lycopene. Jack Mackerel, water, tomato paste, cayenne pepper, maize starch, salt. Lucky Star Jack Mackerel was very well accepted.