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By: Natural Health Dynamix  11-11-2011
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A powerful water soluble and fat soluble anti oxidant (22 types) with trace menerals that assist in increased energy levels for the user, as well as optimising metabolic and enzymatic functions.

Protect against ageing and oxidative stress diseases such as cholesterol, cancer and boosts the immune system. Also good for skin. It has the additional effect that it also provides minerals and trace minerals in the same capsule. This product can be used by anyone that seeks more energy and need to take mineral supplementation.

This product is a powerful multi level broad spectrum anti-oxidant. It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that consists of fat soluble anti-oxidant and is already in its natural environment for maximal absorption and bioavailability. This product should be used by all who are interested to prolong aging and protect against oxidative diseases such as arteriosclerosis and cancer plus the additional effect of improved disposition. This product also contains minerals and trace minerals which would provide the necessary support for optimal metabolic processes and could assist in better energy control.  See details of the contents and benefits of the product further down.

RED PALM OIL  Plus Minerals + Trace Minerals

Red palm oil + comes as a newly patented (2006/01981) evolutionary 2 in 1 double compartment capsule with red palm oil in one compartment and minerals and trace minerals in the other.

Red Palm Oil is made from the fruit of the oil palm. The reddish color comes from the fact that this oil is high in Alpha and Beta Carotenes. For equal amounts the carotenes in red palm oil is 300 times more than in tomatoes and 15 times higher than in carrots.

This oil is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid (C18:1) (similar to the fatty acid present in olive oil that has the ability to prevent cardiovascular disease) and the polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic (C18:2) and alpha linolenic acid (C18:3). It also contains the saturated palmitic acid (C16:0), which lends stability to the oil and protects against oxidation. The position of palmitic acid on the triglyceride backbone is important as it is not readily absorbed and therefore not considered to act like a typical saturated fatty acid.

The oil also consists of non-glyceride components such as the fat soluble pro vitamin A carotonoids (including lycopene), the pro-vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols. Palm Oil is the only oil that contains large amounts of tocotrienols, which are 40-60% more potent as anti-oxidant compared to tocopherols. It has been reported in several studies that tocotrienol-rich fraction of plam oil reduced plasma cholesterol, apo-lipoprotein B, thromboxaneB2, and platelet factor 4. This is indicative of protection against endothelial dysfunction and platelet aggregation. Several studies have also shown that tocotrienols can protect against cancer cells. It has also been reported that tocotrienols alone and in a cocktail of red palm oil show cardiovascular protection. The fatty acids in red palm oil provide the vehicle for maximal absorption of tocopherols, tocotrienols and carotenes. The carotenes can be converted to Vit A if a Vit A deficiency is present, otherwise the carotenes will act as anti-oxidants.

Co enzyme Q10 stabilizes the antioxidant function of α-tocopherol. It is important to note that the combination of Q10 and α-tocopherol is important. The red palm oil offers a natural combination. Q 10 contributes to energy linked respiration, plays a role in lipid peroxidation and maintains the balance of pro- and anti-oxidant activity. Co Q 10 is also associated with prevention of skin aging.
Lycopene is associated with decrease risk in chronic disease such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and tissue levels of lycopene have been inversely correlated with risk of lung and prostate cancers. The bioavailability of lycopene is increased when it is incorporated in a natural matrix, something that already exists in natural refined red palm oil concentrate.

Squalene is a major factor in the cancer risk-reducing effect of olive oil and also lowers the activity of HMG-CoA reductase, the enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver.

Phytosterols are cholesterol-like molecules found in plant foods. Trace amounts can inhibit absorption of intestinal cholesterol including re-circulating endogenous cholesterol.

Minerals and trace minerals plays an important role in maintaining maximal bodily  metabolic function such as catalizing enzyme reactions, acting as co-factors in biochemical processes in cells and utilization of vitamins.

Red Palm Oil offers

  • Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
  • Anti-carcinogenic properties, particularly prostate cancer and breast cancer
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Most potent antioxidant properties
  • Pro-vitamin A activity

Minerals and Trace minerals offers

  • Maximal metabolic function

Red Palm Oil

  • Alpha and Beta Carotenes
  • Tocotrienols (most potent antioxidant) (Vit E)

Tocopherols (Vit E)

  • CoQ10
  • Squalene
  • Lycopene
  • Oleic Acid
  • Phytosterols

Minerals and Trace minerals

  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Calsium
  • Magnesium
  • Potasium
  • + 76 other minerals and trace minerals

  Dosage and directions
1-2capsule/day in the evening.
Red Palm Oil+ should be used with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

The information contained in this brochure is not to diagnose or to treat, but merely for educational purposes. Consult your health practitioner if you suffer from a serious health condition.

Keywords: Palm Oil, Red Palm Oil

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