Winning Service Workshop

By: N'lighten  01-20-2011
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Happy staff; happy customers; and a healthier bottom line. Your business should be enjoying all three in 2011 - and the Winning Service Workshop from N'lighten is the best way to make sure it is.

Since its establishment in 2005 N'lighten has been helping businesses make a lasting impression on their customers by delivering excellent service and an unforgettable customer experience.

This hands-on full-day workshop covers everything from the importance of company and personal branding to the essential aspects of superior customer service. It's designed to ensure that your employees, supervisors, and junior managers gain a full understanding of the importance of creating exceptional customer experience, and equip them to do so.

Workshop content
Branding - its importance for the business and how each person can help grown it.
Personal Branding - selling yourself equals selling your organisation and its products.
Customer Service 101 - what is great service, why it is important, and how to achieve it?
Customer Experience - going beyond service to create a memorable customer experience.
Communication - developing excellent verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills.
Dealing with Customer Complaints - essential recovery skills to manage "difficult" customers.

Dates for the 2011 Workshops:
Cape Town:

15 March 2011
26 May 2011
21 July 2011
15 September 2011
25 October 2011

14 April 2011
14 June 2011
16 August 2011
18 October 2011

Winning Service Workshops: For the Hospitality Industry:
Cape Town:
19 April 2011
19 May 2011
8 June 2011
10 August 2011
8 September 2011

12 May 2011
21 June 2011
28 July 2011
25 August 2011
22 September 2011

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