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By: Muscletech  11-11-2011

Extreme-Strength Weight Loss For Women

Backed by research, Hydroxycut Max! contains the highest quality ingredients that radically amplify your key fat-burning hormone for rapid fat loss results! In one 6-week clinical study, subjects using a key ingredient in Hydroxycut® Max! (Cissus quadrangularis) lost, on average, 10.56 lbs., while the placebo group actually gained an average of 2.64 lbs.

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Cell-Tech® Hardcore: Muscle Builder. Nitro-Tech® Hardcore: Protein Formula

Though both are great for building muscle and strength when taken on their own, stacking these incredible supplements can help you achieve muscle gains beyond your wildest dreams. Cell-Tech® Hardcore is an advanced creatine musclebuilder, and Nitro-Tech® Hardcore is a powerful whey protein formula.


MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore X | Hydroxycut

After reviewing a third-party ingredient study published in the journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Team MuscleTech researchers focused on a key ingredient that was shown to dramatically increase norepinephrine, one of the body’s most critical fat-breakdown hormones.


MuscleTech® - Supplements That Work

We’ve discovered that many fitness professionals are melting away bodyfat and getting into top shape by adding a fat burner unlike any other to their diet and exercise plan. You try the “jiggle test” every so often – not the most scientific way to measure your bodyfat but you tense up and jump around anyways – just to see what bounces.


100% Premium Açai

With 100% Premium Açai you get the antioxidant power and natural purity of real Brazilian açai, combined with a scientifically researched metabolic enhancer to help increase energy and boost metabolism to burn more calories. Often searched for as “Hydroxycut Acai” in search engines, 100% Premium açai, is a carefully crafted product from the makers of Hydroxycut™.