Desert Experience Trail - 5 day (from/to Windhoek)

Desert Experience Trail - 5 day (from/to Windhoek) from Molo Africa

By: Molo Africa  06-03-2009
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The NamibRand Nature Reserve represents all facets of the Namib Desert like vegetated red dunes in different shapes and colours, endless plains and mountains. Covering an area of some 160.000 hectares a number of former sheep farms were fenced off to create an area where once again the wildlife could roam free in their natural habitat. This desert experience trail shows the diversity of desert organism, adaptation and scenery.

[meals: B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner]

Day 01: Pick up time at about 8h00 in Windhoek. Heading southwards we reach “Die Duine House” at NamibRand Nature Reserve in the afternoon. On a 2-3 hours walk we have enough time to get accustomed to the red dune landscape in the soft afternoon light, before we reach or first camp. Drinking water available at camp. Walking time: 2 - 3 hrs Overnight under a thousand stars; [LD]

Day 02: The rising sun awakes us and we continue our trail up the “Kudu Gorge” on the “Schafsberg” and enjoy a spectacular view over the red sand dune area. We descent the “Schafsberg” and reach our lunch spot where fresh water is available. Refreshed we resume our trail until we reach the foot of the Weaver Mountain, our second camp. To be able to see another dazzling sunset we climb the mountain only equipped with a camera and some water. It is a 150 m high climb, quite steep and mainly consisting of loose gravel. The panorama that awaits us up there compensates for the exhausting walk. Drinking water available at camp. Walking time: 4 - 5 hrs Overnight under a thousand stars; [BLD]

Day 03: Today we cross the gravel plains to reach the “Gorrasis Mountain”. At the foot of the mountain we fill up our water reserves, as there is no water available at the camp. We climb up a 100m gorge to reach our camp just in time for lunch. In the afternoon we explore the surrounding area of the camp until darkness falls onto this part of the Namib. Walking time: 3 - 4 hrs Overnight under a thousand stars; [BLD]

Day 04: With an early breakfast we prepare ourselves for the longest walking day of the trail. We continue our climb from yesterday. The challenging way, covered by loose gravel, winds itself up for 450m. Flora and fauna changes compared to what we experienced on the dunes and plains. Close to the summit we leave our backpacks behind and climb the top only equipped with water and camera. We find a suitable spot on the ridge of the mountain to have lunch. The descent requires our absolute concentration, as it is steep, covered with loose gravel and granite boulders. Once at the bottom another two hour walk across the dunes finally takes us to the “Horseshoe Wilderness Area”, our camp for tonight. Exhausted and tired we fall asleep under the starry firmament. Bucket showers and long drop toilets available. Walking time: 6 - 7 hrs Overnight under a thousand stars; [BLD

Day 05: A short walk through the vegetated sand dunes leads us back to “Die Duine House”. We enjoy the luxury of a hot shower to refresh ourselves before embarking on the long drive back to Windhoek.
Walking time: 2 - 2.5 hrs [BL]

MIN / MAX PER GROUP: 4-7 pax

MIN. AGE: 12 years


One English speaking experienced nature guide/driver per group
Free door-to-door courtesy transport in Windhoek City area only
All transfers Windhoek – start/endpoint of hikes – Windhoek
Program as stated above (incl. two nights lodge accommodation - double room basis, single room on request)
All meals as stated above; during the hike (B= cereals, coffee/tea, L= bread, cheese, salami, D= light cooked meal by our guide incl. coffee/tea, All crockery and cutlery
Hiking permits

Sleeping bags, light iso mattress and back packs (recommended 55 litre plus), 1.5 ltr water bottle,
Personal insurance (important: medical evacuation)
Alcoholic drinks and beverages

The seasons in Namibia are reversed compared to those in Europe. During the European winter months we have summer in Namibia and vice versa. Winter and summer in Namibia differ from what we are used to in Europe, though. The winter in Namibia is the cooler dry season which is characterised by high temperature changes and hardly any rainfall. It can get very cold at night in the desert (June to August down to -5°C). During the day temperatures may rise up to 25°C. The
Namibian summer (January to end of March) is the rainy season and it seldom rains during the other months. November and December are very hot with temperatures over 30°C, so it is essential to pack the suitable clothes. Rest assured that you will not encounter a grey sky that will linger for weeks! So bring some Sandals, walking shoes, light cotton clothes (Shorts and shirts), a jacket or fleece pullover and long trousers. We have seen everything: from beanies and gloves to bikinis!!

CHARACTER OF AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THE TRAILS: The trails are not difficult, but challenging. Fitness and good condition is essential as the trails entail 7 to 8 hours walking and you have to carry your luggage every day, including food and water (all together approx. 12 – 15 kg per person). As some of the routes lead through rough terrain and over large boulders it requires well balanced and secure walking. Please be aware of high temperature fluctuations, which can reach a high of 35°C during the day whilst sometimes plummeting down to -5°C at night, which can cause additional stress to your heart and circulation. We recommend you to prepare yourself for the trail with some fitness training. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism requires a medical report by your doctor not older than 40 days.

RECOMMENDATION: We urgently recommend that comprehensive insurance cover be taken out before embarking on the tour to
make provision for cancellation and curtailment
medical expenses, emergency evacuation, repatriation
loss or damage of personal baggage
Molo Africa and it's partners will not be held responsible for any costs arising from any of the above events. Restriction of liability also applies if clients were unaware of this policy.

FORCE MAJEURE: It goes without saying that we do our utmost to conduct the tour as described in the program; we cannot vouch for it, however. Unfavourable weather conditions, organizational problems, unforeseen events or other factors may force us to change the course of the tour. We apologies for any inconvenience caused. The opening and the closing periods for the Fish River Canyon Hike are regulated by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and can change due to external influences (heat, water availability, flooding). Safaris Unlimited cannot be held responsible for tours being cancelled on those grounds and we reserve the right to changes according to circumstances at the time of booking.

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