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By: Mmsdesign  11-11-2011
Keywords: Irrigation Design, Design Professionals, Pipe Maker

Model Maker

Model Maker is a digital terrain modelling program and the most advanced in the Model Maker Systems software suite. The program consists of 21 modules, which are available in four different versions of the program. The versions are determined by the number of survey points that each can model. This modular design gives users access to only those features required for their specific application and thereby reducing the cost of the software.Provision is made to input data manually using any survey method, importing data from electronic data recorders or GPS systems and from various fixed and free format ASCII files. Data can also be captured from existing drawings using the built-in digitizing option.In addition, a facility exists to survey new data or to use an existing model to do real-time setting out work on site by connecting a notebook to an electronic survey instrument in the field.The model is created using a fast automatic triangulation routine with or without parameters. After the DEM model is created the user still has full control over the various functions provided for editing the model graphically. Contours and triangulation is edited in real time either manually or electronically to defined break lines.Once the model is created various calculations may be done, e.g. four methods of calculating volumes, extracting long or cross sections, slope and watershed analyses, three-dimensional viewing, area (plan and surface) and perimeter calculations, automatic toe point generation for platforms, mine planning, rehabilitation (landscaping) of excavations and stockpiles, 3D-Mass Haul planning, power line templating, earth dam design, irrigation design and almost anything in between.Output of results may be printed or saved in a file and drawings may be plotted directly to any HPGL-compatible plotter, plot file or various CAD data exchange (DWG,DXF,DGN etc.) and various ASCII formats.

Road Maker

Road Maker caters for the needs of design professionals and contractors. Data can be extracted from a DTM (Digital terrain Model) survey using MODEL MAKER and can be exported to ROAD MAKER or data can be entered manually.

The vertical alignment and road cross-sectional profile is defined using easy-to-use built-in functions. Bulk earthwork volumes can be calculated between a ground cross-section group and the design profile or between any two ground cross-section groups. Detailed volumes van also be calculated for e.g. layers, topsoil etc. Final cross-section and long-section drawings can be plotted directly to a plotter, plot file or various CAD data exchange or ASCII formats.Complete setting-out information can be obtained for setting out the design on site, e.g. layer profiles and batter boards. The design profile or ground cross-sections can be converted into DTM format for further manipulation with MODEL MAKER.Pipe Maker

Pipe Maker is used to design pipelines. Ground long section data is extracted using MODEL MAKER where it is then imported into PIPE MAKER. Although PIPE MAKER does not do network analysis and optimization, the program do however import a network of pipes of which accumulated flows is calculated throughout the network te determine capacities. The graphical input capabilities makes PIPE MAKER an extremely easy program to do Long Sectional designs. This program contains all the different input data to cater for the design of water, stormwater or sewer pipes. Earthworks and pipe quantities are calculated according to SABS 1200 or COLTO specifications and results can be output to a file or printer. Long-sectional drawings can be plotted directly to a plotter, plot file or various CAD data exchange formats.

Survey Maker

Survey Maker is a program dedicated to the survey field, which includes solutions for the land surveyor, engineering surveyor, surface and underground mining surveyor, geodetic surveyor and hydro-surveyor. This program is a new addition to the range of software developed by Model Maker Systems and currently undergoing many development changes as users request enhancements.The program allows you to enter data ranging from Model Maker type files, to various electronic field books as well as manual input into the different calculation pages. All relevant correction factors are used during calculations and limits of error calculations is applied where necessary. Calculate various survey related functions or use it to generate a Surveyor General Diagram, working plan or general plan with ease.

Keywords: Design Professionals, Irrigation Design, Pipe Maker

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