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By: Maestro Investment  11-11-2011
Keywords: Portfolio Management, Equity Fund, Investment Companies

This is the traditional service that Maestro offers. In this case the assets are registered directly in our client’s name or the legal entity of their choice. All clients receive a monthly report, as well as a detailed statement of the market value of their portfolio. Performance of the portfolio is reported on the total portfolio and across each separate asset class. (insert pro forma statement in PDF link) In addition to the monthly statements and investment letters, we include a summary of the latest activity and returns on the account in a detailed Quarterly Report.

By initially assessing our clients requirements, we determine their appetite for risk and ascertain the investment profile that best meets their needs. Furthermore, a benchmark is agreed upon against which our performance will be measured.

We further differentiate our segregated offering between institutional and private clients.

  • Institutional clients
    Maestro develops direct relationships with institutions with a focus on achieving long-term capital growth within a moderate risk environment. In addition to specialist equity mandates for investment companies or funds, we are ideally placed to manage small to medium retirement funds.

    We deal directly with our client, or their consultant, and offer full and direct access to the investment decision-maker. Our service is more direct, personal and flexible than any large asset management firm offers.

  • Actively traded accounts
    where suitable, Maestro would, in the past, approach its larger clients with a view to managing a portfolio on their behalf on the basis of active share trading. This would usually represent between 5% and 10% of their assets under Maestro’s management, with the trading assets being housed in a separate legal entity, primarily for tax reasons. The mandate was to actively trade the share market with a view to generating higher than average returns.

As the market value of portfolios grew over time, a number of clients found our actively traded accounts more attractive. Primarily due to logistical reasons, Maestro felt it would be beneficial to find an investment vehicle that allowed us to implement our view across portfolios. It has always been a dream of Maestro to operate a Hedge Fund and with the added benefit of being able to offer down side protection – the Maestro Long Short Equity Fund was born on the 1 July 2007. The actively traded accounts served as seed capital for Maestro Long Short Equity Fund.

Other than the segregated portfolio management service that Maestro offers, it also offers the following products to selected investors:

  • The Maestro Equity Fund
  • The Maestro Long Short Equity Fund
  • Central Park Global Balanced Fund
* This portfolio operates as a white label fund under the Prescient Unit Trust Scheme

Keywords: Equity Fund, Investment Companies, Portfolio Management

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