Interpersonal Mastery

By: Learn To Lead  11-11-2011

2. Interpersonal Mastery (2 - 4 days)

Understand the psychology behind human relations, and unlock the potential in those around you.

Master the management of groups and teams, and learn specifically how to manage change, manage conflict, and how to get your message across clearly.  It is a two to four day course, covering the following specific modules: 

    Relating to Others (2 days)

Learn how to get on with other people, by understanding the psychology behind good relationships, as well as the different aspects of ourselves and others.
Learn to get your message across, and receive others’ messages clearly, and why this sometimes goes wrong!

    Leading Others (1 day)

So, you’ve been promoted.. now shift your mindset to that of a leader!  Discover different styles of leadership, how to lead a team, and how to now get the job done.

  Managing Performance (1 day)

How do you deliver through others?
Learn about coaching and delegation, the theory and practice of ‘Performance Management’, as well as how to motivate your people.

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