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By: Lausanne Dairies  11-11-2011

During November 2008, we changed over to new labels on all milk packaging that now reflect our Halaal and Kosher status. All milk packaging now has the rBST Growth Hormone Free banner.



Lausanne Dairies celebrated its 26th birthday in November 2008. This was celebrated in style and all staff members attended. Long Service Awards were handed out together with other achievement awards. This event was sponsored by the suppliers to Lausanne Dairies and other good friends in business. Thank you guys!



We are constantly busy with upgrades and renovations to the existing factory. We installed a new generator in order to combat the occurrence of power cuts. An additional chiller was installed and we extended the existing cold room facilities, just to name a few.


We ended 2008 on a high note with a fully loaded delivery truck overturning on the N1 highway at the Woodstock turn-off on 31.12.2008. We received numerous calls from concerned customers and the public from 5:00 am that morning. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in this accident. Thank you for caring! We replaced this delivery with 2 brand new ones added to the fleet in January 2009.



Lausanne Dairies is now occupying the additional premises at 8 Killarney Avenue, Killarney Gardens, as well. This building will be incorporated into our future expansions as this building is back to back with the existing factory in 3 Donnington Road, Killarney Gardens.

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