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By: Latitude Training  11-11-2011

Corporate Training

Written by Grant Hamel

ABC: Attitude, Behaviours, Communication

This is a magical course in understanding and adapting our behaviour

Time Management: How do we really gain better use of our time? How do we not? Need 46 hours in your day? Time Management is one of the fundamental skills required for success in any area.

Creating Your Compelling Future: Establishing the most awesome exciting, compelling future that you can

Creative Thinking: Exploring beyond the quantum into your untapped creativity

Handling Difficult People: Strategies for getting results with the hard to handle people in your life.

Negotiating Now: Understand, tap into and excel your negotiating skills now

Sales Strategy For Success: How to really explode your sales excellence

Customer Service Excellence: More for frontline staff to evolve their Rapport Skills

Call Centre Modeling: For Call Centre excellence and top efficiency

Counselling Skills

Written by Grant Hamel

This is a follow on from the Personal Growth Course and seeks to enhance counselling skills from a non-judgemental, empathic, caring and non-directive perspective.

Largely it is based on the Rodgerian approach and clients are enabled to find their own solutions. The skills are layered in with ample practice and opportunity to develop all the skills taught.


The Communication and Counselling Skills course consists of nine weekly sessions of 3 hours each, offered both in the evenings and the mornings. The course is experientially based and trainees work in small groups facilitated by an experienced LifeLine/Childline Counsellor. Regular practice of the skills as they are acquired is built into the course. Trainees receive constant feedback on their skills from fellow trainees, their facilitator and other LifeLine assessors. As each trainee has a unique contribution to make to the group, attendance at ALL sessions is essential.


The personal growth course is compulsory before attendance on this course and the counselling course needs to be done within a year’s timeframe. If more than one year has elapsed before the counselling skills course, the personal growth section will need to be repeated


This course is designed to enhance communication skills and to develop the skills required for effective counselling. The following topics are covered: Observation skills Attending behaviour Self awareness Questioning techniques Reframing and interpretation Reflection of content and feelings Challenging and confronting Depth and spiritual counselling Giving and receiving feedback A training manual will be issued to each trainee.Attendance certificates will be issued on request.


This course is designed for people wanting to become counsellors and to those who wish to use these skills in their work or in the community.

Trainees must have completed the Personal Growth course NO LONGER THAN ONE YEAR of the start of the counselling skills course.

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Financial Excellence

Written by Grant Hamel

This is a truly GREAT course about being excellent, with the focus on your Finances.

Module #01:

No course on finance would be complete without considering YOU, and because YOU are the most important part of this training, we discuss and consider our personal RELATIONSHIP with ourselves first.

Module #02:

The course then covers the 4 essential of Financial Excellence. * Estate Planning * Our Investment Portfolio * Retirement Planing * Lifestyle Planning

Module #03:

We discuss and explore our financial abundance * Our Money Relationships * The abundance theory * The millionaire mentality * The One Minute Millionaire

Module #04:

We round off with the 7 Cures to a Lean Purse & the 5 Laws of Gold. And if that is not enough, personal coaching is offered for those of you who are serious about establishing your financial independence.

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Latitude Excellence

Written by Grant Hamel

Latitude Training is a training in personal excellence based on NLP technology helping us to access our own excellence within and giving us sustainable control within our own lives. It is a motivational, fun & nurturing opportunity of personal growth towards "Awakening our own inner excellence.

The Latitude Excellence Realisation Workshop is a 8 week training consisting of 2.5 hour modules, costing R2,500 per delegate, that covers the following modules:


It is designed to include meditation, motivation, realisation, experiential & practical learning's for the most effective & efficient training combination. Ensuring that the candidate walks away with real tools of empowerment and in touch with their inner excellence.

The course is an exciting 8 week journey where we have the opportunity to explore who we are and how to achieve our own "personal excellence" through getting the results we want.

We go through a wheel of EXCELLENCE in the 8 modules outlined below:

Latitude circle of excellence Introduction: "Attitude determines our Altitude", We have a major affect on what we achieve in life and this touches on our role on our own success.

SELF - Who is this stranger?: This is a chance to see who you really are, listen to those inner feelings and getting to know you better, including what's holding you back

CHOICE - Victim or Victor ? - Our choice: Here we explore our reactions to circumstances/opportunities in life, and our choices about those things that happen to us.

DREAMS - Daring to be - A challenge: We dream and are brave enough to explore our dreams!!

RELATIONSHIPS - Communicating - Winning relationships: "No man is an island", we are constantly involved in relationships everyday, how do we get the most from those relationships? And how do we give our best to those relationships?

ACTION - Learning to fly - taking those first steps: An opportunity to not only express your dream, but actually start making it happen!

CLOUDS - Handling the clouds: "Every cloud has a silver lining", and we are challenged by those clouds in our lives to be our best. Do we use them as an opportunity or an excuse?

TOOLS - Practical tools: This is the cementing all the tools we already have, adding a few more and amplifying them!

EXCELLENCE - Soaring with the eagles: We now confidently dare to dream to go higher and experience our own personal excellence!!

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Personal Growth

Written by Grant Hamel

The way in which we function in everyday life is, to a large extent, dependent on the quality of our relationships, be they family, social, business or community. The relationship that we have with ourselves creates the depth and quality of our interaction with others.

Learning to accept, care for and develop that which lies within us, results in continually improving communication with others. Enabling this process of self awareness and learning, in order to empower our human potential, is the goal of the Personal Growth course.


The course consists of nine three-hour sessions held over 9 weeks. All courses are based on the principles of experiential learning and participants work in small groups, each one facilitated by a trained and experienced counsellor. The course is designed so that the week between each session allows participants time to reflect on, and assimilate their learnings, and to internalise new behaviour should they so wish. Each session will comprise a variety of methodologies to provide optimum learning. As each trainee has a unique contribution to make to the group, attendance at ALL sessions is essential.


The Personal Growth course is designed to look at how we relate to others and ourselves. It offers opportunities for greater understanding. Included in the topics covered are the following: Communication styles Life pressures & coping mechanisms Trust & self disclosure The sexual dimension of our lives The spiritual dimension of our lives Conflict handling Personal value systems Overcoming prejudice and discrimination Bereavement and loss Relationships – in all their forms Giving and receiving feedback A training manual will be issued to each trainee.Attendance certificates will be issued on request.


Anyone who has a sincere desire to gain greater self insight and create better relationships with other people would benefit from this course. The personal growth programme is also invaluable to people in the caring professions, social science students and human resources staff. It is not ideal for people who have just had a major life event to take part in these courses. This course is not group therapy. We feel that individuals should honour their own process before coming on this course. In this light, people who are in therapy should discuss their readiness with their therapist, especially for those who have lost someone significant in the past year or someone in addiction recovery who has not been clean for at least one year.

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Property Investing

Written by Grant Hamel

How to make money through property in South Africa?

Over the past 5 years I have consistently made real money through property in South Africa, and I am excited about sharing my secrets with you!

In life we appreciate that which we value! And so this is not for everyone, those willing in life to pay the price, whether that is in time, money, energy, effort, reciprication or referral.

This fascinating & exciting module is an expression of my life long passion in exploring accelerated learnings and relationships. Here we have the opportunity to investigate our Relationship with money, and capatilise on one of the FOUR money generation vehicles available to us in Life.

This will be the only base you need for making your propoerty fortune!

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Recharge Your Self

Written by Grant Hamel


This is a hands on re-energising & healing session in a holistic way. It is a gift to yourself at a time when most people feel the pace of a hectic year. You get the chance to re-vitalise finding your source and then have the energy to end the year in style or truly enjoy that well desrved break!


The course consists of a one day workshop with hands on holistic healing, being guided with experienced energy workers.


This practical workshop delves deeply into the inner you and re-connects the flow of energy within Included in the topics covered are the following: Energy Re-sourcing Body Alignment Re-Energising Techniques Amongst other techniques that you will be introduced to!


Anyone wanting to re-energise, heal and engage the loving flow of life! It is a gentle way of nurturing yourself and finding your inner energies!

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