Vitamin C - 3000mg

Vitamin C - 3000mg from Kiron Health

By: Kiron Health  12-06-2012
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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 3000mg

Kiron Health's Vitamin C is unique in that the dosage can be regulated depending on what you require. The bag lasts for a month at 3000mg per day but can also easily be regulated to 2000/1000mg per day if needed. Similar to many of our products it is powdered which allows for quicker and more effective absorption.

Vitamin C is one of the most well-knownfree radical fighters. It fights free radicals by donating an electron to unstable molecules. These unstable molecules, if left to their own devices can cause chain reactions in the cell which causes damage or death to the cell. Vitamin C terminates these chain reactionsand is special because it can become oxidized itself and not cause any cell damage.

Ascorbic acid helps with cancer, stroke, asthma and has been associated with decreased risk of peripheral arterial disease and atherosclerosis. Vitamin C is also known as the anti-ageing vitaminbecause it boosts collagen in the skin and helps tissue to grow and repair itself.

Vitamin C helps with the absorption of the mineral iron which is a critical component for maintaining life because it is involved with many biological reactions in the body, according to a 2007 article written by Gregory Anderson and colleagues in "Biometals."

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