Kiron Health's Vitamin D3 - 5000IU

Kiron Health's Vitamin D3 - 5000IU from Kiron Health

By: Kiron Health  11-15-2012
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About Vitamin D3

Kiron Health's Vitamin D3 5000IU bag is for maintaining healthy levels ofvitamin D in the body. Vitamin D3 is fast becoming the latest wondervitamin for overall improved immune function. The benefits of vitamin D3are felt to the fullest extent by people who maintain optimum vitamin D bodystores and blood levels. They can expect better overall health - longerlife; fewer diseases; stronger bones and muscles; fewer infections; lessdepression; pain and inflammation.
Recent studies suggest that the optimal blood levels of Vitamin Dare 50–100 ng/mL or 124.8–249.6 nmol/L.

More vitamin D3 benefits are being discovered regularly. Here aresome important benefits that we know of:
Vitamin D3 has been found to:

·Boost the immune system

·Encourage cell differentiation and slow the rate of cell proliferation(Cancer cells are characterized by a lack of differentiation and by rapidproliferation)

·Reduce Inflammation

·Help regulate blood sugar levels

·Reduce blood pressure in hypertensive people

A lack of vitamin D is associated with:


·Alzheimer's disease



·Autoimmune disorders

·Breast cancer

·Cancer (all types)

·Colds and 'flu

·Chronic fatigue


·Diabetes (types 1 and 2)

·Gluten intolerance

·Heart disease


·Kidney Disease

·Multiple Sclerosis


·Parkinson's disease

·Periodontal disease


·Rheumatoid arthritis


·Urinary incontinence

·Viral infections

·and many others...

A steadily growing community of doctors and researchers question whetherthe current, officially recommended daily allowance (RDA) is sufficient to havethe physiological impact needed, particularly for people who do not get regularexposure to the sun or who are at higher risk such as those with higher-melanincontent in the skin (i.e. individuals with dark skin); the obese; and those wholive far from the equator.

The official RDA is as follows:

·15 micrograms (600 IU or International Units) daily for all individuals(males, female, pregnant/lactating women) under the age of 70 years-old.

·For all individuals older than 70 years, 20 micrograms daily (800 IU) isrecommended.

Many medical professionals have foundthat the ideal daily maintenance dose is 5000IU

In fact, in certain studies, rickets patients (children) have been givenup to 300 000IU to 500 000IU in one dose. This is exceptionally highand we do not recommend this without the advice of a competent medicalprofessional, but it illustrates the safety of vitamin D3.

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