Calming Complex

Calming Complex from Kiron Health

By: Kiron Health  09-19-2013
Keywords: Natural Products, health supplements, Alternative Medicine

A great alternative to harmful depression and hyperactivity (ADD and ADHD) medications. We have had amazing results with hyperactive children using this complex. The Calming Complex promotes concerntration and helps to keep the body and mind relaxed and at ease. This complex is unique in the way that is has a combination of ingredients that have many benefits. For this reason this supplement can be taken for a variety of conditions. Depression, anxiety and ADD/ADHD have been on the rise for many years. This formula has a calming effect on the brain and body because it contains the ‘food’ the brain needs to concentrate for long periods, ie: the calming neurotransmitters GABA and the amino acid Glycine. Inositol is the brains principle source of fuel and aids with sleep, concentration, feelings of well-being and blood sugar control. Kiron Health's Calming Complex may alleviate the following: Anxiety Depression Panic attacks Insomnia ADD/ADHD or an inability to concentrate for long periods This product is in powdered form and will last for 30 days at the recommended dosage.

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, health supplements, Natural Healing, Natural Products

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