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By: James Raaff And Associates  11-11-2011
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2011/2012 Workshops Cape Town Pretoria
D-Sebecs in Pilates - 2011 12 Nov '11 12 Nov '11
Pilates for Kids TBA TBA
Flexibility Training in Pilates TBA TBA
Peri-natal Pilates TBA TBA
Current Concepts TBA TBA
Sales & Marketing (09h00-13h00) TBA TBA
Accessories in Pilates exercise TBA TBA
Postural & Movement Assessment TBA TBA
Functional Accessories in Pilates TBA TBA
Learn to Listen to the Body TBA TBA
Optimizing Spinal Biomechanics in Pilates (Pt 1) TBA TBA
TCM philosophies & Pilates TBA TBA
Optimising Spinal Biomechanics Pt 2 - THE SOLUTIONS TBA TBA

Workshop details:

Workshop times: 08h00 to 13h00 (* D-Sebecs, Sales & Marketing times differ)
Workshop cost: R900 - Early Bird fee R750 (payment received 14 days before workshop date), Sales & Marketing cost R700, early-bird fee R550.

Please note: workshop dates may change.


Functional Accessories

Develop your skill in the use of several new and innovative Pilates accessories. Much of the Pilates technique can remain abstract and challenging to apply in everyday life - all the accessories introduced in this workshop have been selected for their functional benefit! Learn techniques that allow your clients to transfer all the wonderful movement experience and principles of Pilates into activities of daily living. This is a practical experience workshop and is full of physical fun!

Learn to Listen to your Clients’ Bodies

Theories regarding the connectedness of the human mind-body abound – from myofascial meridians to energetic meridians. What is important to remember is that there is only ONE! There is one mind-body, one whole containing all information. Scientists and mystics agree - there is a strange and wonderful unity of all things. This workshop allows the Pilates Instructor an opportunity to learn how to access more information from the human mind-body to enhance accurate assessment and teaching methods. Presented with Dr. Erwann Farbe, a French Physiotherapist and Osteopath trained by the legendary Prof. Leopold Busquet. This is truly a paradigm-shifting experience not to be missed.

Optimising Spinal Biomechanics Part 1

Back pain affects at least 80% of us some time in our lives. Billions are spent annually by people looking for relief from back pain through surgery, doctor's visits, X-rays, MRI scans and medications. Many sufferers seek remedy at Pilates studios after poor assessment of the situation, narrow clinical approach and symptomatic focus (rather than functional focus) leaves them frustrated. In this workshop you will upgrade your understanding of spinal biomechanics allowing you to create more specific and effective mat exercises for this population. Although rehabilitation is not the domain of Pilates instructors, some Pilates instructors can play a great supportive role in the prevention and treatment of back pain. If you’d like to work alongside a medical rehabilitation team, this workshop is for you. These workshops were completely sold-out in 2010, with huge positive response from participants. The content may shake the foundations of your Pilates knowledge but you will emerge a better instructor!

Optimising Hip Function with Pilates

Learn all a Pilates professional needs to know about the human hip and its relationships in anatomy and function. Complex anatomy and biomechanics made simple.

Optimising Spinal Biomechanics Part 2

D-Sebecs Equipment in Pilates

Discover a unique South African invention: D-SEBECS was designed and developed by high-performance physiotherapist, Ryk Eksteen. This low-tech, high value rehabilitation and core training equipment is a challenging and exciting way to modify Pilates mat and reformer-inspired exercises. Learn amazingly effective 3-dimensional exercise modifications, understand the underlying biomechanical principles and lead your clients and patients to new levels of stability, strength and control. D-SEBECS equipment will be on sale at the workshops.

East meets West: Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy and contemporary Pilates principles

Learn the basic philosophies of TCM and how a Pilates instructor could benefit from its ancient wisdom. Much of the philosophy of TCM is derived from Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, reflecting the classical Chinese belief that the life and activity of individual human beings have an intimate relationship with the environment at all levels. Taoist masters had an extraordinary sense of the body and its workings and even a basic understanding of the many concepts in TCM can be valuable to those Pilates professionals looking for new perspectives on their work.

Develop amazing, eye-opening perspectives on health and the human body from the oldest source on earth - start to move in the flow of the Tao. This workshop will be presented by Dr. Philip Reuther (MBChB, Doctor of TCM and Doctor of Acupuncture).

Pilates for Kids


While pilates isn't really child's play, persons of any age can do it, even children, Pilates can certainly be good for youngsters, since babies do it naturally when they learn to roll over and take their first steps. What they are doing without realizing it, is developing core strength, co-ordinating limbs and acquiring movement efficiency.

As far as safety is concerned, the principles of pilates are very good for any child. The children's pilates workshop will assist Pilates instructors in adapting existing Pilates knowledge and repertoire to suit the needs of children. Many other questions will also be addressed, such as age of the child, equipment, accessories, groups, etc.

Accessories in Pilates exercise modification

Develop your skill in the use of several Pilates accessories, including balls, bands and other available, affordable pieces of space-saving equipment. Add new excitement to your classes, learn to develop challenging modifications for advanced clients and appropriate modifications to assist beginners.

Sales & Marketing for Pilates Studios

As part of our committment to assist you in all aspects of being a world-class Pilates professional, we are excited to present this newworkshop! Gain knowledge in all elements that play a role in selling your service: prioritizing your activities, making marketing decisions and making sales. Get practical information and develop skills - take home a specific sales and marketing plan for your business and implement it immediately. Add useful contact numbers to your address book and get sales practice on potential clients!

The workshop is presented by marketing expert John Havenga whose experience gained at IBM South Africa and Business Conexxion over 18 years is worth gold to your business, especially in the current economic climate. He also brings over 12 years of personal understanding as an entrepreneur, owning companies involved in computer equipment sales, childrens clothing and sales training. Currently he is a consultant for Mercuri International, the world's leading sales and customer service consultancy. Learn how to work smart with us! It's time to expand your mind and your income stream.

Special Price Workshop: Early Bird Fee R550 (payable by 9 October for Cape Town; 23 October for Pretoria). Book now as places are limited.

Flexibility Training in the Pilates Studio

Limitations in flexibility commonly prevent clients from attempting some of the more challenging Pilates exercises. Learn about the science of stretching to improve the efficacy of your programmes. Discover powerful techniques that increase range of motion and allow anyone to move without restriction.

Postural and Movement Assessment – the first step to a great Pilates experience

In order for a Pilates programme to be functionally effective, the trainer needs to properly assess client needs. Learn simple, scientifically relevant methods to screen new clients, assess posture and test for specific movement disorders. Make sure you know when to refer to medical professionals and learn ways to increase the size of your referral network.

Peri-Natal Pilates

Learn about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and what Pilates can offer mothers before and after pregnancy. Understand how to manage potential risks, learn about physiological changes that mothers undergo and become skilled at modifying Pilates mat exercises for this special population.

Current concepts and integration of contemporary Pilates techniques in orthopaedic therapy.

This special workshop is intended for healthcare professionals (especially orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists, biokineticists, chiropractors, osteopaths and GP’s) and will bring practical skills up to date with current evidence based practices in posture and movement therapy. This workshop presents an opportunity for health professionals to explore the context and appropriate application of Pilates in health and medicine.

Ask all the questions you have ever wanted to ask about Pilates and postural conditioning. Network, brainstorm, informally test your hypotheses and treatment protocols.

Special Price: R500.00

Keywords: Exercise, Marketing, Pilates, Pilates Instructor