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By: iSheriff  01-28-2010
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The iSheriff Web Security Service is a cloud-based, Internet filtering and Web 2.0 security offering. It enables your organization to experience secure, safe Internet use, free from threats and malware, while ensuring that use is appropriate and compliant with your acceptable use policy.

The service provides both inbound and outbound real-time content analysis. It is simple, easy and effective to use. And, comprehensive reporting is provided with easy to understand graphical summaries and drilldown detail.

Features & Benefits

  • URL Filtering – iSheriff provides a comprehensive database of millions of websites in more than 50 reporting categories. More importantly, iSheriff analyzesthe content of websites that your organization is accessing in real-time, looking for malicious code, anomalies and inappropriate material, and preventing access to sites which are a security or policy risk to your organization. This ensures that users are protected against threats and offensive material and your network is not compromised by malicious websites.
  • Anti-Virus and Malware Security – the service incorporates both traditional anti-virus technology and sophisticated dynamic anomaly detection and traffic modelling systems to protect your organization from viruses, botnets, spyware, browser exploits and other Web 2.0 threats. Downloaded files are scanned using the Sophos Anti-Virus scan engine which is widely regarded as one of the foremost AV solutions and also provides protection against potentially unwanted applications. Our patented dynamic modelling engine examines web links, scripts and code structures looking for the tell-tale behavioural characteristics of malicious sites and vulnerability exploits – denying these threats from executing and preventing drive-by infections.
  • Application Control – the iSheriff service enables you to gain control over popular Web 2.0 applications such as Social Networking, Streaming Media and Web-based messaging. These applications, if unmonitored or unmanaged, can become a serious security and policy issue for your organization. iSheriff enables you to manage access to these applications or block them entirely.
  • Bandwidth Control iSheriff allows you to manage your Internet bandwidth consumption and control unnecessary or non-business use. This enables you to maximize your Internet connection and prioritize important websites, ensuring that high speed bandwidth is available for your critical business use or preventing excessive costs. Bandwidth Control can be policy-based so you can place restrictions on specific users or at particular times of day when you need to ensure you are getting the most from your bandwidth.
  • Data Leakage Prevention with iSheriff, you can control the distribution of sensitive data or private information via the Web. The service enables you to control who can upload important files to the Web or post sensitive content on Web 2.0 sites, blogs, wikis or webmail.
  • Acceptable Use Policy Complianceif your organization has an acceptable use policy, defining appropriate use of Web resources and outlining inappropriate conduct and prohibited content, then iSheriff can actively monitor and enforce those policies. Block pornography, bad language, violence and other inappropriate Web content which could potentially create legal liability risk and ensure a safe and productive workplace for your employees.
  • Security & Policy Compliance Reporting– the iSheriff Web Security Service provides you with ready access to useful and easy to understand reports on your Internet usage and threats. Graphical summary reports are provided as well as more in-depth reports to help you investigate and answer any questions that may arise. You can run reports by site, category, user, bandwidth and by threat type. These reports allow you to measure the real benefits of the iSheriff service and demonstrate the return on your dollar.

iSheriff provides you with a simple yet powerful Web interface to set and manage your own policies and reports. iSheriff works with many popular directory services, such as Active Directory, to make it easy to set up and maintain your user accounts and authentication.

It is fast and easy to sign up with iSheriff. You can trial the service before subscribing and generate reports to better understand your own requirements and evaluate iSheriff SaaS. Sign up for your trial today.

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