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By: iSheriff  01-28-2010
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The iSheriff Email Security Service is a cloud-based, anti-spam and email security solution. It rids your organization’s incoming email of spam, providing a clean email connection and secures against viruses, blended threats, unwanted content and data leakage.

The service provides both inbound and outbound real-time content analysis. It is simple, easy and effective to use. And, comprehensive reporting is provided with easy to understand graphical summaries and drilldown detail.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-Spam – the iSheriff Email Security Service provides complete anti-spam protection. IT utilizes a layered technology strategy to maximize spam detection and minimize false positives. Our anti-spam technology includes IP reputation filtering, real-time message content analysis and dynamic content modelling to detect the latest spam. The key benefit of cloud-based anti-spam services is that we only deliver your legitimate business email to you and block spam before you receive it – providing incredible savings on bandwidth, resources and time. You can also access your quarantined messages via a secure Web console and release any message that you wish to receive.
  • Anti-Virus and Blended Threat Protection – iSheriff detects and blocks virus attachments and malware laden emails for you, ensuring that your organization is protected against the full range of threats which can infect your network via email. We partner with Sophos to provided trusted virus protection and incorporate our own patented dynamic behaviour modelling technology to examine all components of an email in real-time and block harmful scripts and links to malicious websites.
  • Inbound & Outbound Policy Compliance – iSheriff inspects both inbound and outbound messages; providing real-time content analysis and ensuring policy compliance. This enables you to manage email content such as text and file attachments. The benefit of this service enables you to block outgoing email containing profanity or inbound messages containing large non-business file attachments.
  • Data Leakage Prevention iSheriff enables you to protect the wealth of intellectual property and sensitive data that traverses your organization via email. With iSheriff, you can define sensitive file types or keywords and control the distribution of this material outside of your organization.
  • Security & Policy Compliance Reporting -the iSheriff Email Security Service provides you with ready access to useful and easy to understand reports on spam, threats and your overall email usage. Graphical summary reports are provided as well as more in-depth reports to help you investigate and answer any questions that may arise. You can run reports by user, file type, threat category across a wide range of time periods. These reports allow you to measure the real benefits of the iSheriff service and demonstrate the return on your dollar.

iSheriff provides you with a simple yet powerful Web interface to set and manage your own policies and reports. iSheriff works with many popular directory services, such as Active Directory, to make it easy to set up and maintain your user accounts and authentication.

It is fast and easy to sign up with iSheriff. You can trial the service before subscribing and generate reports to better understand your own requirements and evaluate iSheriff SaaS. Sign up for your trial today.

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