By: IronBok  03-13-2010
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   Ironbok Energy Drink is manufactured in the Western Cape  and offers a mix of energy boosters and energy supplements that is fast becoming the people’s choice. . IronBok is available in gyms, clubs, convenience stores, corner stores, Spars, Seven Eleven Stores, and pharmacies.  Ironbok G² The proprietary formula in a 330ml bottle is infused with 13 premium ingredients such as Guarana and Taurine for increased blood flow to vital organs, Ginseng 330mg [1mg per 1ml of liquid] and other ingredients believed  to not only provide sustained energy without the crash but to also stimulate the libido in men and women Sugar Free 0⁰, contains the non harmful sweetener called Neotame and it is approved for diabetics.  The ingredients is similar to G² but is also very sweet. i145 Vitamin iQ , contains 36 different types of Neuravena extracts from Frutarom Switzerland Ltd.  This product is patented and is approved by medical research councils as an ingredient that activates minds.  It is  the only recognized drink in a carbonated formula that is used exclusively to activate the mind, hence brain food energy. Our slogan was given to us by our customers: Ironbok…Try it… It Works! 

Keywords: Energy Drinks, Food, Ironbok, Save our Springbok, Vitamin Drinks,