First Steps to Creating a Successful Web Presence

By: Imbali Studio  11-11-2011

You want a slick, captivating website. You believe it can promote your business. But where do you start?

In the very beginning you should ask yourself why you want a website: What do you want to show and tell the public? And what do you want to achieve with it?

Clarifying your objectives is very important as this will influence everything - the design of your website as well as the functionality that needs to be integrated into it.

While defining your goals, please keep three aspects in mind:

Number one: Your web presence is the first impression the public and most of your prospective clients will see of your business. People who don't know you personally will judge your business based on that; your website should therefore intrigue the viewer, portray what you are about and persuade him of your expertise and abilities. It also needs to reflect your style and your ethics.

Lastly, Budget: Budget is important to everyone and a professionally designed website is not cheap! Don't waste your money trying to have "everything", but rather get less, but do it perfectly. A well designed website will have a better impact than a shoddy, cheap BIG website.