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By: Imagine Creative Services & Digital (Pty) Ltd  06-10-2011
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Websites in South Africa have evolved into serious business as bandwidth has increased. Until a couple of years ago they weren't taken too seriously and the bulk of the development was conducted by website design companies and like specialists. The problem is that they operate in an 'online cocoon' and are unfamiliar to advertising and marketing across all media types.


At Imagine Advertising we look at the broader marketing landscape. Our proposals are often interlinked with other media types, dependant upon our research or media recommendations. It's rarely one of the other, but often a combination.


We understand the basics i.e that a website needs to looks pro and function seamlessly (We subscribe to online best practice). But more importantly websites need to generate capital and create serious influence for a brand. They are the shopping window to your business, not just your brand. They need to display the very best that your business or brand can be. They need to be your ideal 'concept' store.


We create small and large websites. Some for very small budgets and some e-com sites for large FMCG's. In both we spend a lot of time upfront defining the purpose, expectations and scope of the project. We develop an online strategy, usualy with creative examples and linked to an ad/promotional campaign, before we start the creative execution.


Most of our websites are linked to annual advertising campaigns that generate leads via online advertising, SEO and traditional media.

Keywords: Website Development

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Imagine Advertising have their own high definition video production facility. We shoot with sound, grade, edit, add music and broadcast through YouTube for websites. We also provide in any format required including DVD, Quicktime, MP4 etc.   For our studio work and on-location productions, we use FCL lighting. This keeps the studio cool and people can work in comfort.   Most of our current productions are for websites. As broadband becomes f

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We have our own in-house studio and equipment. We also have a portable studio that can be set up at an in-store client or other location. Most of our design work includes poweful photographic imagery. We also contract in specialist photographers. With regards models, we use agencies or cast our own to keep costs down. 

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Design creates an emotive response. It speaks in the 'current' visual fashion language of the day. Design, like fashion, moves on, and all brands need to 'keep up' or they may lose contact with their consumers.   For us design is not about 'wow, look at how awesome', but 'wow, let me buy it!'   At Imagine Advertising we use photography to do much of our design. Overt design simply attracts too much attention to itself and not the product. Th

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The basic principles are: Create a communication idea that is different - or is perceived as different Sell the unique benefit by creating a unique tone of voice for the brand Speak the language of the audience you want to attact to your brand - get into their world-space Give the consumer something in return for their attention to the communication Have a 'call to action' in every piece of the communication We develop advertising strategies and creative work ba