Renewable Energy: IHS Emerging Energy Research

By: Ihs  11-11-2011

About Emerging Energy Research

IHS Emerging Energy Research Advisory Services provide essential competitive market and strategy support for companies competing in the global energy industry. Advisory Services are available in the following markets:

IHS Emerging Energy Research Market Studies are primarily research-based and provide clients with a rich resource of market intelligence, market forecasts, competitive analysis and strategy review. Find Market Studies in the following areas:

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Energy Information, Software & Solutions

Asia Pacific Beijing: +86 10 650 52966 Singapore: +65 6576 5300. Contact Customer Carefor additional support information. Europe, Middle East & Africa +44 1344 328 300. United States +1 800 IHS-CARE.


IHS CERA: Energy Strategy

Our services help decision makers anticipate the energy future and formulate timely, successful plans in the face of rapid change and uncertainty. IHS CERA is valued for our independence, fundamental research, foresight and original thinking.


IHS Herold: Energy Company and Transaction Valuations

Offers timely and comprehensive M&A analysis, insights and intelligence on all global energy markets, including upstream, midstream, downstream, oil field equipment and services, power, coal and alternative energy. Significant Energy Assets on the Market research.


Coal Information & Insight: IHS McCloskey

Breaking industry stories, traded prices and statistics uniquely written and illustrated in an interpretative style to bring genuine value added information to your business delivered via IHS McCloskey Statistical Service. Short- and medium-term predictions of the international metallurgical coal trade for hard coking coal, semi-soft and PCI coals.