The i-BLOCK Walling System

By: i-BUILD (Pty) Ltd  01-07-2013
Keywords: Building Contractors, Insulation, Plastering

i-BLOCK™ is an ICF system (insulated concrete form) comprising of interlocking, hollow expanded EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocks which act as a formwork for a reinforced concrete infill.  The walls are reinforced both vertically and horizontally with steel reinforcing bars and the EPS blocks filled with cast in- situ 15Mpa concrete. 


Services such as plumbing and electrics are accellerated as piping is simply chased into 30mm polystyrene formwork using a blade or hot knife.


A fibre mesh is applied to the external walls and finished with plaster applied using conventional rendering methods.  Styrobond is used as an adhesive mortar applied over the EPS blocks to embed the fibre mesh prior to finish coats.  The internal plaster is a high quality, fast drying mortar applied at a thickness of between 8mm to 10 mm.


All other aspects of the construction process are conventional, including foundations, window and doorframes, roof, roof coverings, ceilings, flooring and fittings. 


i-BLOCK™ is approved and monitored by Agrément South Africa and the NHBRC.

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