Efaflex High Speed Spiral Door

By: High Speed Doors SA  09-22-2012
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The New Generation Worldwide increasing energy prices have prompted EFAFLEX to design completely new high-speed spiral doors as hall closure. The technically new design constitutes an improvement of the physical characteristics of the door leaf as well as an optimisation of the functionality. Trend-setting: EFA-THERM® laths As the first manufacturer worldwide, we will from now offer thermally separated EFA-THERM® insulation laths for the EFA-SST® as a standard. Thus, depending on the size of the door, an excellent heat insulation of between 0.66 and 1.52 W/m2K can be achieved. The new door leaf is exceptionally robust, long-lived, tight and sound insulating. Depending on the desired light entry, we include as many EFA-CLEAR transparent laths of acrylic glass into the door as you wish. Highest profitability - due to best quality Today, energy as one of the most important factors with regard to profitability is more important than ever before. We at EFAFLEX react to increasing prices and an uncertain raw materials supply: due to the fast opening and closing speed of our doors, minimizing energy loss to atmosphere or between two rooms. Thus by using EFAFLEX high-speed doors, you can efficiently reduce your energy costs. As the first manufacturer of high-speed doors we are from now offering as a standard the EFA-SST® with thermally separated EFA-THERM® laths. These laths considerably increase heat insulation and thus reduce your energy costs. Fast and safe: Active Crash System EFA-ACS As the only manufacturer of high-speed doors worldwide, EFAFLEX offers a combination of fixed door leaf and an active crash system. EFA-ACS does not only protect the door against being damaged and therefore against operating failure and repairs - it carries out the "self-repair" fully automatically within just a few seconds! In the case of a crash, your door will henceforth nevertheless be immediately ready for use again. This is how the Active Crash System works In the case of a collision, the detachably connected laths are pressed out of the guidance without being damaged. This is recognised by an inductive sensor system which joins the inner and the outer hinges of the door leaf again in a safe and correct manner during a slower upwards movement. Door leaf guidance in perfection Copied a thousand times - but still unequalled. The door leaf is not wound-up on a shaft but kept space-saving in a certain distance in the patented EFAFLEX spiral. This functional principle guarantees quite a number of unique advantages: only this unique design combines highest opening speed, long service life and efficiency in such a perfect manner. Oval spiral and low header EFAFLEX offers you high-speed spiral doors in different versions. The circular round spiral is the standard and at the same time the solution of highest opening and closing speed. If there is only limited space above the door, you can also chose between two space-saving variants of the many door types of the S series: oval spiral and low header. Individual design possible In addition to the aluminium-coloured standard coating, we also paint the laths as well as the steel parts of the door in almost every colour of the RAL system, if requested by our customers. Thus, our doors can architecturally be perfectly adjusted to every facade or get the colour of your house which gives your premises a representative look. With absolute safety EFAFLEX high-speed doors also guarantee you the highest standard with regard to safety. As leading manufacturer of high-speed doors, EFAFLEX is aware of its responsibility! Therefore, we are also pioneers in the field of safety. Our safety systems brings you more unique safety devices - for pedestrians, material movement as well as the door it self. Unique systems - for more safety Not only does our doors satisfy your highest demands, the appertaining safety systems offer unique advantages as well. The EFA-SCAN ® is the latest EFAFLEX patent. This is the first laser scanner worldwide that acts as an safety system as well as an activator for the door. All in one product.

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