By: Health Volcano  10-08-2009
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A range of products has been developed, based on the world's purest deposit of Calcium Montmorillonite, AFRICAN HEALING CLAY.  The products as far as possible, are pure organic products without preservatives or any other additives to help your skin cope with the onslaught of chemicals and pollutants in our modern age. We have a motto when it comes to skin problems "Don't treat the problem - remove it".The strong IonicCharge of African Healing Clayis one of nature's miracles and we bring it to you in it's pure splendour. With an Ionic Exchange your skin is cleansed, replenished and revitalised.

NOTE: You can order direct from us.

We can offer you a good basic range of Health Supplements, to assist in boosting the bodies supply of Trace Elements, Minerals and Oxygen as well as an excellent all natural, gentle Laxative and 100% natural and organic slimming aids.

We firmly believe that there is limited benefit in pouring Vitamin, Trace Element and Mineral supplements into a body that resembles a toxic waste dump. With this in mind we place a large emphasis on internal Detox as well as the topical Detox applications. Our two Detox products are breakthroughs in the field of natural Detox supplements and already therapists are starting to rely on our Ionic Detox Therapyand Detoxygen. Both products not only detox but also replenish vital Trace Elements, Minerals and Detoxygenalso oxygenates the blood.

Derma Pristineis Healthways'Spa Quality range of 100% natural full body and face mask products enhanced with Essential oils to relax and detox. Our Cell Detox is a combination of the worlds strongest drawing volcanic ash clay, African Healing Clay, blended with Kelp, Ivy and oils to assist in dealing with cellulite. These products must be experienced to fully appreciate the superior quality of Nature's power over man made chemical filled treatments used in expensive spas. Treat yourself with the best at a fraction of the cost in your own home

This section consists of our Starter Kit for new Consultants. Over R1050.00 worth of products for R570.00. On becoming a consultant you immediately qualify for 25% discount on future purchases and an opportunity to make over 50% as you build your Natural Health business .

We also include a product called Nat U Von. This is a clinically tested Essential Oil blend with remarkable analgesic qualities in dealing with arthritis and other aches and pains. Excellent results  have been submitted and for this reason we are proud to supply this to our consultants and customers in this special section.

Lindi Bester had not slept through the night in over three years. She scratched until it bled. Working at one of the largest pharmacies in and having tried everything she was desperate. 

Using TLC Volcanic Clay, the second night she slept through the night NO ITCHING.


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