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By: Health Volcano  10-16-2009
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‘African Healing Clay’

Volcanic ash clay –deep cleansing mask and skin treatment
  Therapeutic Clay with Natural Detoxifying, Antiviral and Antibacterial Qualities.

‘African Healing Clay’ is one of natures most effective and tested 100% natural healing materials. Montmorillonite or French Green Healing clay is legendary and universally renowned for its therapeutic qualities. There are very few deposits of Montmorillonite in the world and Healthway has sourced African Healing Clay from the richest deposit in the world – over 95% pure Montmorillonite. The famous deposit near the town of in is 75% pure Montmorillonite.

Montmorillonite is known for its ability to absorb and adsorb positively charged ions in the body. When wet the clay develops a strong negative charge. Toxins, heavy metals, most bacteria and viruses are positively charged. The clay therefore draws the impurities out like a magnet. Healthway’s ‘African Healing Clay’ attracts and removes up to 25 times its own molecular weight. - an exceptionally high rate of efficacy 25:1.

‘African Healing Clay’ is high in minerals and trace elements absorbed from the lake bed where the volcanic ash settled millions of years ago, to form the calcium and mineral rich Montmorillonite. Some of these essential minerals are what is described as unstable in the clay which means that they are released in exchange for impurities that are drawn into the molecular structure of the clay.


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