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By: Health Island  01-23-2011
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South Africa’s first in healthy snack vending!   Your own FRANCHISE BUSINESS for a deposit of only R15 000!   We are the only vending company in the country offering a full range of natural and (some) organic snacks, drinks and smoothies.   Our products are carefully selected to have:    
Great taste!  
No artificial flavour  
No artificial colouring  
No preservatives  
No hydrogenated Oils  
No trans fats  
No high fructose corn syrup      

This is NOT your average soda and chips vending service. This is mood food, energy food, super food, food to keep you:         mentally alert,       healthy       energetic, and…       lean!               


Yes, junk food and fast food may be cheaper. It can be mass-produced, it has a long history of production that uses cheap and easy ingredients that will NOT provide you with the nutrition your body is seeking, and that drives your hunger cravings. So actually, you may feel you are deriving benefits, but if that is the case those benefits will be VERY short-term, and your body WILL pay for them later one way or another, probably in medical bills in later years.   There is much scientific proof that what you eat not only affects your physical shape but your state of mind too. It follows that your eating habits could actually determine your personality.

Our fully branded vending machines are bright and colourful and an asset to any environment (Dimensions of the machine are: 1.75metres high, 81cm wide, 73.5cm deep).   We have financing available for school parents or employees to run their own micro enterprise in their school/place of work/community. The total investment is R60 000, but all you need is a deposit of R15 000!  We will train you and stock your 1st machine – FREE!

Keywords: Food, Food Products, health, health snack vending, Snack, Snack Bar,