Habitat Industries - Services

By: Habitat Industries  11-11-2011


A vast range of blow mould tooling is made in our plant.  Extrusion blow to PET stretch blow.   If there is a mould required for a machine we have not yet manufactured for, we design the mould off the machine spec drawings or from a reverse engineering of a mould already used for production.

 Extrusion Blow

Various moulds for machines such as Bekum, Comec, Seecor, Uniloy, Sidel DSL are among some of the variety we have to offer.

Our strong point on PET blow is mainly directed towards the Sidel and Blowmax moulds. Also the Nissei range of PF6-2B, PF4-1BH, ASB-MB range, SIPA, Urola, Aoki, Combi400, SMF and Autotech


Mould servicing and damage repair is also done by Habitat.  We don't do general services, but in the event of damage, we quickly repair under condition that we have made the mould and same applies for main service job.  For moulds which have been manufactured elsewhere, a service or repair can be done to a certain degree but manually unless CAD 3D data can be supplied for the tool.