Enigma_hyQ from H2oNet

By: H2oNet  06-10-2016
Keywords: Data Loggers, leak detection equipment, Leak Location

Enigma®-hyQ has been optimized for leak location in large diameter pipes. Designed to operate over longer distances. Enigma hyQ is an improvement on the standard Enigma multi-point correlation logger. It uses a high sensitivity hydrophone which directly detects the pressure wave in the water, coupled with narrow band filtering. Enigma-hyQ loggers are deployed during normal working hours at multiple insertion points along a main. Enigma-hyQ gives optimum performance by recording the leak sound at night – when background acoustic noise is lowest and water pressure is usually highest. When retrieved the leak sound is transferred to the host software where it is processed to display leak positions. Programming and data readback utilises optical and USB communications to ensure rapid operation.

Keywords: Data Loggers, Enigma hyQ, leak detection equipment, Leak Location, Pressure Logger,