Green Tunnel System

Green Tunnel System from Green Tunnel System

By: Green Tunnel System  07-13-2010
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Our Green Tunnel System is a continuously reproducing hydroponic garden providing an optimal growth environment based on organic principles specifically designed for the needs of African farmers. Canopied by shade cloth in the form of a tunnel, it houses up to several thousand vegetable, fruit or flower plants that are fed and watered through our unique watering system. Using an optimized, chemical free nutritional mix and oxygen rich water it produces above average harvests (in quantity and quality), which can be reaped within only 6 weeks. The Green Tunnel System is highly affordable, durable, yet easy to use and an excellent revenue generator.

Benefits of the Green Tunnel System

The key advantage of the Green Tunnel System lies in the fact that it addresses the 3 main concerns of farmers in the cultivation process, namely the issues around the right soil medium, the climate and the optimal watering / nutrition.

Other benefits are:

  • Exceptional crop results within only 6 weeks

  • Low operation and maintenance cost

  • Substantial water savings (as much as 50%)

  • Highly effective use and control of water volumes

  • Reduction of plant diseases, no fungus

  • High tech system, yet robust and simple to use

  • Harvesting can be done during irrigation

Near organic cultivation (no chemicals, herbicides and pesticides used)

Keywords: Food Tunnels, Tunnel Dripping system, Vegetable Tunnels, Veggie Tunnels watering system,