Inkjet vs. laser printer: which is better for you?

By: Graphix Supply World - Graphics Suppliers  11-26-2012
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When it comes to purchasing your first printer, there are a number of different factors to consider. While high-tech laser printers may sound like the best buy, the digital printing equipment you choose should ultimately reflect your personal and professional needs. Each type of printer technology comes with its own set of advantages and setbacks. First-time purchasers should consider the following before making the big buy: What are you printing? Those looking for a personal printer for their home or study will benefit greatly from an inkjet printer. An inkjet works incredibly well for relatively low-demand printing – primarily text documents and the odd colour picture. For example: students looking for a reliable printer that churns out academic readings and essays on demand will have all their needs met by a simple inkjet printer. How much are you printing? One of the primary considerations when deciding on an inkjet or laser printer is the amount of printing you’re planning to do. Laser printers are designed to handle repeated daily usage and large print jobs; this makes them the perfect choice for a bustling office environment. Laser printers are also much faster than inkjets and can accommodate various weights of paper without any issue. Those planning to use a printer to create marketing material or any other print jobs that require a stiffer paper product will benefit from a laser printer. How much do you want to spend? For occasional print jobs, a less expensive inkjet can complete the job without hassle. However, the initial cost advantage of an inkjet will vanish if used to print out a large volume of documents on a regular basis, as frequently buying replacement ink cartridges proves pricey. On the other side of the ring, laser printers can typically print a great deal more for less when used in high volume. Visit your favourite graphics supplier and enquire about the latest and greatest in inkjet and laser printing technology. Those looking for an office printer that can handle high volumes of printing, different types of paper and large amounts of colour would be better off choosing a laser printer. Alternatively, those searching for a reliable, personal printer for their home or study will find all they need in an inkjet printer.

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