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By: GhostConvey  12-08-2011
Keywords: attorney, conveyancing

Korbitec has created a stable of innovative desktop applications and online services for the South African legal profession under its well-known GhostWare branding. Products include:


The dominant conveyancing system of choice among South African attorneys. GhostConvey is a workflow system that automates document assembly and the correspondence associated with mortgage bond registrations and property transfers. It has also spawned a number of Total Conveyancing Management desktop packages designed to help conveyancers manage their practices more efficiently than ever before.

Market winner WinDeed allows you to

and build up your own database of properties, enquire on companies and Close Corporations, get TransUnion credit checking information, detailed maps with erf numbers - and much more - directly from your desktop.

Web-based matter tracking, giving customers quick and easy access for following the progress of their matters.


An easy-to-use charting tool that enables conveyancers to graphically analyse the performance of their business.


Promoting client service by giving key personnel access to the matters database, thereby efficiently providing clients with the information they require.


Uses the GhostConvey database to help conveyancers build stronger relationships with their clients through focused marketing.

Attorney Gateway is an FNB approved electronic instruction and messaging service based on FNB specific data and business logic that communicates instructions and progress messages directly between FNB?s systems and your Conveyancing Desktop software. Gateway users will have access to their bank bulletins and Downloads as well as access to SLA reports used by the bank to monitor attorney performance. Attorney Gateway is powered by Korbitec Gateway.

The new age industry platform for

property transaction stakeholders

to communicate and collaborate. The platform offers secure proof-of-delivery, workflow rule-based message exchange between systems used by property transactions stakeholders with a security audit log and comprehensive management information.

Keywords: attorney, conveyancing