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By: Gasatsite  11-11-2011
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Gas At Site leverages thirty years of experience in the gas industry with a business philosophy of maximizing plant reliability. In addition to ensuring that the plant is designed with the optimum equipment solution, we offer service levels commensurate with this philosophy. This ensures that your gas requirements are met in the required quantities and at the correct purity levels.

Industrial gas requirements vary hugely across industry sectors. Traditionally the domain of the large global industrial gas companies, Gas At Site offers technologies that reliably generate your gas supplies on-site at a fraction of the cost of vendor supplied liquid.

Having your own on-site generator eliminates the problems and safety issues normally associated with high pressure bottled gas or liquid. Gas At Site on-site generators come as a complete system with their own dedicated air package.

Advantages of on-site gas generation are clear:

· Extremely reliable operation

· Significantly cheaper than liquid

· Substantially less logistical and administration input required

· Compact foot print

· Simple to maintain

· Safe with lower operating pressures than cylinders

· Easy to operate with rapid startup ability

Keywords: Gas, Gas Generation, Industrial Gas, On-site Gas Generation