Payroll and Administration Services

Payroll and Administration Services from Frogg Recruitment SA

By: Frogg Recruitment SA   02-15-2011


Payroll outsourcing and Administration Solutions – Optional

We offer the client as an additional service, the option to avoid Payroll and administration problems. It’s a once-a-month pain in the neck for company management, yet it’s absolutely vital to get it right first time, every time. Avoid a queue of disgruntled employees outside your office waving payslips as well as the possibility of SARS penalty notices and fines.  All of which means more expense, and more time-consuming paperwork.

Payroll problems are not just bad for your staff morale and skills retention – they actually undermine any organisation’s bottom line. In the last year numerous changes has been made by the South African Revenue Services.  From Car Allowances to the way in which interim and year end year end reporting must be done.