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By: Flora Force  11-11-2011
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As in nature, where evolution and rejuvenation are reflected in the circles of life, Flora Force Health Products is entering a new phase and is proudly displaying new colours.

"In 1989, Flora Force Health Products put down its first roots in the natural health care sector. For the past 17 years, we have grown from offering a small range of Herbal Teas to an extensive range of 78 full spectrum products," said Managing Director, Gunther Kerschbaumer.

"During this period, our colorful thistle logo became a known icon for our herbal remedies and essential nutritive supplements, but as with all things, growth brings about change and we realized that a new look and positioning would reflect our products more accurately," said Kerschbaumer. "Whilst our previous image served us well, we felt the need for our logo, packaging and iconography to be rejuvenated.

The new Flora Force logo, which sports a modern new version of the thistle icon, also incorporates the double F of Flora Force. "To complement our new pay-off line - Nature in full. Health in force - we have opted to use brown and greens as our signature colours. They represent nature in all its goodness and are the base colours of its palette," said Kerschbaumer.

And while technology and increased expertise have resulted in refined processes and improved products, Flora Force has always honoured the wisdom of plants in their entirety and provided the highest quality herbs and natural products to an increasingly discerning customer base.

"Whilst we are changing with the times, our core ethics of supporting organic farmers and ethical wild-crafters and the promotion of conservation of medicinal plants and unconditional guarantee of our products and the safety of our customers, are the core drivers of our development and will remain sacrosanct."

Flora Force's newly released Cholesterol Aid, Arthro-Aid and Allergo are the first products in their range to sport the new logo and packaging and can be found in pharmacies and health shops countrywide.

Flora Force is introducing Cholesterol Aid, an innovative new product for the effective treatment of high cholesterol. Like all the other Flora Force products, Cholesterol Aid is a full spectrum product, which means that the ingredients have not been diluted and are added in their original proportions in order to provide maximum efficiency. Consisting of a substantial range of ingredients, including herbs, nutriceuticals and homeopathic ingredients, Cholesterol Aid works on various levels to help lower and manage your cholesterol levels. In addition to the commonly used Vit C, Vit B3, 6 and 12 in cholesterol control, Flora Force has included a full complement of vitamins. As cholesterol sufferers are usually in the category of people with over stressed lifestyles, these vitamins provide additional support.

Lifestyle considerations
For effective natural management of high cholesterol, long-term dietary and lifestyle adjustments are essential. Consider these pointers/tips:

    Things to avoid

    • Saturated fats: Meat and dairy products are high in saturated fats and cholesterol.
    • Butter substitutes and other products that contain trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids increase cholesterol and cause arteries to clog.
    • Sugar and alcohol are substances that play a role in raised cholesterol levels.
    • Coffee can elevate cholesterol levels, drink it in moderation.
    • Fast foods, snacks and luxury foods are often prepared with fats that are high in cholesterol and often contain free radicals.
    • Long-term stress is a contributing factor to raised cholesterol levels.

    Rather go for

    • Replace regular cooking oil with cold pressed virgin oil.
    • Fresh fruit and vegetables help to reduce and manage cholesterol.
    • Foods like oat bran, oatmeal, rice bran, barley and certain fruits are high in soluble fibre, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels.
    • Consider making fresh lemon and ginger a regular addition to your glass of spring water.
    • Reduce stress by walking regularly in open air and taking a breather.

Keywords: Health Care, Health Products