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By: Equine Insight  06-03-2011
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The knotless
Equine Tie Ring - a quicker, simpler and safer way to tie.
The Equine Tie Ring can be used in cross ties, single ties, groom and tack areas, wash racks, outside and inside of horse trailers or anywhere you tie your horse. The Equine Tie Ring is made of stainless steel which makes it extremely durable.
When tying a horse, I recommend using an Equine Tie Ring. It’s a great tool that makes tying as safe as possible and actually teaches a horse to stand calmly. While the groundwork and training you do decreases the chance of your horse pulling back and fighting the pressure when tied, it doesn’t guarantee that he will never pull back. I use the Equine Tie Ring whenever I tie any horse – a yearling, a 2-year-old colt or even a well-trained adult horse because the tie ring does two things:

1) it allows the horse to move his feet, and

2) keeps his panic to a minimum. Bungee cords, inner tubes and whatever else people use to tie their horses up with tend to cause problems because slack is created in the lead rope.

The problem with bungee cords or inner tubes is when the horse stops pulling back, he doesn’t receive an instant relief of pressure. Instead, he has to go all the way back up to the fence before there’s any slack in the rope and the pressure behind his ears is taken away. With the tie ring, as soon as he stops pulling, all of the pressure is released. Every time he stops pulling back, he receives a small reward. With the tie ring, horses will actually teach themselves not to pull back. No matter the amount of training my horses have, I always use the Equine Tie Ring when tying them up. To me, the tie ring is the cheapest insurance policy I’ll ever buy for my horses and the best tool when it comes to teaching them to tie safely and confidently.
For the best results I recommend that the Equine Tie Ring gets used with the Equine Insight 12ft Training Line.

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