Ratings Process

By: Empowerdex  11-11-2011

Increased procurement opportunities by entities wishing to enhance their own broad-based BEE status through preferential procurement
Government licensing eligibility or licensing renewal process
Financing decisions, where empowerment is a key criterion for sourcing the fund, e.g. BEE Funds
Independent, reliable proof of contributions made towards economic empowerment
Empowerdex's rated clients receive access to our database of rated suppliers, which now boasts approximately one thousand verified suppliers

How do I apply for an Empowerdex Rating?

The Rating Process in Detail

Part 1 - Planning and Preparation

If you wish to engage us please fax the following documentation:-

* Ratings Application Form (find in ratings pack; please contact for documentation)
* Empowerdex's signed Standard Terms & Conditions agreement
* Proof of the initial payment as per the pricing matrix contained in this pack or as per quotation
* Signed declaration
* Company ownership organogram (if you have one)
* Company profile

On receipt of the above you will be contacted to provisionally accept the verification, and to either set up a preliminary site visit date, or confirm the dates when the verification file will be received from the company.

Part 2 - Verification Preparation and information analysis

EMPOWERDEX will contact you once the application has been received, and confirm the date the verification file with all the requirements as per the Verification Questionnaire should be received. A verification site visit will be conducted a week after receiving the file once the analyst has chosen what items they will be sampling. Should the file be incomplete, the analyst will send a list of outstanding information that will be required on-site. The purpose of the site visit is to verify information, not to collect information. The analysis of the information must also happen at the office, and not on the verification day. Therefore, if the list the analyst compiles is too long, or requests important material information, these will have to be sent beforehand to the office before a site visit date can be confirmed.

A verification site visit date will initially be set as soon as possible after the receipt of the verification file.

Part 3 - On-site Verification

EMPOWERDEX will perform a verification of the information presented, as well as any risk areas identified during analysis of the underlying information through the use of verification procedures, including the validation of supporting documentation, interviews with company representatives, employees, Enterprise Development and/or Socio Economic Development beneficiaries during the verification visits.

On completion of the analysis, EMPOWERDEX will:

Hold a Preliminary Meeting after the verification to communicate the preliminary score and any problems experienced during verification.

The analyst will go back to the office, where the file will be reviewed and a preliminary report will be issued.

The client then has another 5 working-day window to appeal against the preliminary score received. For more information on the appeal process please consult the company’s appeals policy and procedure or ask the client services department to explain the process to you.

Once the appeal has been handled satisfactorily, the final report will be issued within five days of acceptance of the preliminary report.

Part 4 – Verifications Outcome

Once you have gone through the verifications process, you will be awarded a verification report with a verification certificate. The overall verification score will be issued as per guidelines in the Codes of Good Practice, e.g. Level 3 Contributor.

Should you require an indepth report, especially for board presentation, this can be arranged at an additional fee.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: A Clarification meeting with an analyst may be arranged, but such a meeting will be billed in terms of time invested and travel/accommodation costs incurred. A Tender Letter will be issued automatically at the start of the process and is valid for a 3 month period, which is the time the verification should be completed if there are delays. Tender Letters may, unfortunately, not be re-issued upon expiry thereof.

Qualification (Total BEE Score)

B-BBEE Status

B-BBEE Recognition Level

Above 100%

Level One Contributor



Level Two Contributor



Level Three Contributor



Level Four Contributor



Level Five Contributor



Level Six Contributor



Level Seven Contributor



Level Eight Contributor



Non-Compliant Contributor


NOTE: Should your company’s annual turnover not exceed R5 million, please note that you then qualify as an Exempted Micro Entity (EME), and that you need to inform Empowerdex of this fact so that we may send you an EME Application Form to complete. The Application Form attached is only relevant to clients with an annual turnover exceeding R5 million.

Commitment Fees and Payment Process

The cost of the verification will be dependent on the complexity of the ownership structure, the number of employees, procurement budget, and number of operating entities.

Kindly contact your local sales team in order to receive a quote:

Johannesburg Head Office Tel: 011 883 8548 . Durban 031 566 1938. Cape Town 021 419 5130 . Pretoria 012 665 2078

PLEASE NOTE: 50% of the fee is payable upfront prior to any verification visit(s) taking place. The balance of the fee is payable on completion, but prior to the release of any final deliverables. Out-of pocket expenses will be for the client’s account, and travel is charged for clients outside a 10km radius from our offices. There may be additional fees levied for analysing complex structures. This will be communicated once the ownership organogram is analysed before the acceptance of the quote.

Should the entity fall under any of the Gazetted Sector Codes, Empowerdex may (upon request, and as an additional deliverable) at an additional fee provide you with a report (for your internal use only) on your B-BBEE results as measured against the Gazetted Codes of Good Practice. Please contact our offices for information should you require such an additional report.  I

If the majority of the measured entity's turnover is derived as a result of gazetted sector related activities, then the relevant sector code will apply to such measured entity.