Vacumed® – Negative Pressure Therapy

Vacumed® – Negative Pressure Therapy from Elysium Aesthetic Clinic

By: Elysium Aesthetic Clinic   10-14-2009
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The Vacumed® operates like a second heart! It was originally designed for astronauts, who - due to the lack of gravity in space - suffered from poor lymph & blood circulation, which can result in severe health risks.

In the first phase, the negative pressure generated in the device, sucks oxygenated blood (coming from the heart) into the feet & legs.The enriched oxygenated blood helps to raise the pH in those areas, making this an excellent treatment for sports people & for those with leg pathologies. A pH-balanced body is the pre-requisite for the healthy production of collagen fibers - the building blocks of soft tissue.

In the second phase, the positive (normal/atmospheric) pressure pumps the oxygen-deficient blood (↑ Carbon dioxide) from the periphery back to the heart for it to be re-oxygenated. In addition, any waste products and toxins are transported away by the lymph system. Since cellulite is the result of an accumulation of waste and toxins caused by a failing lymphatic drainage (due to weak connective tissue, insufficient muscle pump),external, mechanical lymph drainage is the answer for many people with this problem.

Keywords: Medical Wellness Program - WEYERGANS AG, Slimming,

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