Efaflex S-Series High Speed Spiral Doors

Efaflex S-Series High Speed Spiral Doors from Efaflex High Speed Doors SA

By: Efaflex High Speed Doors SA  03-19-2012
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Efaflex S-Series Efaflex High Speed Spiral Doors impress customers all over the world, for their outstanding quality, greatest safety and extreme durability. The S-Series provides a unique patented spiral design with excellent insulation and speed up to 4m/s in the EFA-STR models. The Fastest Door In The World. The patented spiral by Efaflex ensures fast operating speeds with hardly any wear. The spiral keeps the door laths apart in the rolled up / open position ensuring durability and longevity of the laths and the door itself. The door will even look new after many years in operation. Also other than a round spiral an oval spiral can also be offered for applications with structural limitations, alternatively a low header design for car parks or underground garages is also available. Efaflex SST High Speed Spiral Door is the classic among our doors and the most successful series. Designed for permanent industrial application, these doors can handle up to 250 000 cycles a year and reaches speeds up to 2.5m/s. The EFA-SST comes as standard with thermally insulated laths EFA-THERM that achieves heat insulation of between 0.66 and 1.52 W/m²K depending on the door size and is completely weatherproof. They can be equipped with a wide range of accessories if not standard, like a lock down lever, cutting the power and locks the door mechanically, the EFA-TLG - system integrated into the side frames ensures optimal safety, the TLG forms a curtain of safety beams, criss-crossing each other to detect any object entering or in the way of the door's closing line. If activated by even the smallest of objects the door will either stop and retracted or not close if already in the open position. This unique technology enhanced device protects the door, vehicles, material and most importantly people. The Efaflex SST can also be supplied in width's of up to 10m. These doors can also be fitted with a fully automatic anti-crash protection system EFA-ACS. This system will in case of a collision automatically repair itself in a few seconds and will be fully operational immediately. This is how it works: In the event of a collision the detachable connected laths are pushed out of their guide rails, undamaged. The door will stop in that position. An inductive sensor system records this and while slowly retracting the door upwards, safely and properly restores the door blade into its original position. The door will be fully functional thereafter. Efaflex SST-ISO-60 High Speed Cold Room Doors are made to withstand enormous stresses. Top quality and perfect workmanship are prerequisites if all components are exposed to cold temperatures and moisture. The EFA-SST-ISO-60 is an effective solution to a tight sealing door that can withstand frequent openings of up to 250 000 cycles per year in cold storage applications. An Excellently insulated door such as the EFA-SST-ISO-60, which opens and closes very rapidly, helps you substantially lower energy losses and creates constant climatic conditions at your establishment. The EFA-THERM insulated laths at 60mm thickness guarantees better heat insulation than ever before. For use in large temperature differences or high humidity applications, both seals can be equipped with heating strips. Efaflex STT High Speed Transparent Spiral Doors are equipped with fully transparent laths providing clear view to the other side for years. The door blade is held apart by the spiral, ensuring frictionless operations at speed up to 3m/s. The EFA-STT will allow more light into your premises, you'll safe electricity on lighting and you'll have a clear view. At every intersection approached from both sides a clear view through the door gives you a decisive advantage, accidents are avoided and smooth transport processes are guaranteed. The STT can be used as interior and exterior door and can withstand 150 000 cycles per year with ease. The doors will stay fully functional even under extremely windy conditions of up to 120km/h. This is a top class door and can also be fitted with an Anti-Crash Protection System EFA-ACS. Efaflex STR High Speed Doors with phenomenal speed of up to 4m/s - the world record - will most certainly accelerate the processes of your business. No need to brake for this door, when every second counts in your production this door will give you an distinct advantage. The EFA-STR door is an combination of our spiral technology and a flexible curtain. The flexible, light weight door blade consists of fabric-reinforced PVC with aluminium outer ridges. The EFA-STR is not only unbelievably fast, it is also low maintenance, highly resilient and extremely stable. Wind resistance of class 3 and the EFA-STR can easily do 150 000 cycles per year. Speed results from power, which in this case is delivered by an innovative, electronically controlled high-speed drive. The motor like with all Efaflex doors does not start with full force, so it does not take off or stops with a jerk, instead starts and stops slowly. The gentle acceleration and deceleration at start and end positions ensures long service life. The EFA-STR can also be fitted with an Anti-Crash Protection System EFA-ACS All Efaflex Doors are manufactured in Germany

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