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By: Eco Paint Solutions  10-07-2010
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Coatings with Conscience

B-earth is a range of long-lasting, high quality, ecologically friendly coatings, paints and sealants that are based on the "B-earth®" Formula co-polymer technology. All products under the B-earth banner have qualities superior in all respects and that are backed up with internationally recognised scientific test results. B-earth paints and coatings apply easily, are colourfast, protect structures and are completely environmentally friendly. No hazardous substances are used in the manufacturing of the products and most raw materials and all manufacturing occur entirely within South Africa with maximum local economic benefits. The manufacturing operation has minimal impact on the environment in terms of air, water, or soil pollution.

▪   Internationally classified as zero-VOC paint

▪   Contains no lead or heavy metals – non-toxic                  

▪   One-way membrane allows for breathability

▪   Resistant to chipping, flaking, blistering, chalking

▪   Water resistant / waterproof / anti-fungal products

▪   High flexibility and penetration – excellent spread rate

▪   Fast drying with excellent prohesion and adhesion

▪   Fire retardant with thermal properties

▪   UV resistant, salt spray and stain resistant

▪   Colourfast and odourless

▪   Gloss, matt, low-sheen, flat and textured

▪   Highly scrub and impact resistant

▪   Over 30 000 colours and free colour matching

▪   On-site consultation and technical advice



B-PAINT acts as a one-way membrane, allowing moisture to escape to the surface while preventing moisture ingress into the substrate. Additional properties include:

▪   High degree of elasticity

▪   Excellent adhesion capabilities

▪   Colour fastness

▪   Natural fungi retardant

▪   Non-flammable and zero fire-enhancement

▪   No hardening or deterioration with age

▪   Aggressive scrubbing endurance

B-ROOF is a hard wearing coating with excellent water proofing qualities. It is heat, acid rain and

stain-resistant. Additional properties are:

▪   High degree of elasticity

▪   Excellent adhesion

▪   Colour fastness

▪   Natural fungi retardant

▪   No hardening or deterioration with age

▪   Scrubbing endurance

B-INSU was initially developed for industry use on factory roofing to moderate inside temperatures, but has proven to be very effective for domestic use. Testing has shown that in summer, interiors have a temperature drop of between 7 to 14°C. In winter internal heating is retained.

B-SCREED is a paint-on floor screed for high impact areas that has excellent abrasion resistance and is non-toxic without hazardous air pollutants. It is ideal for domestic and commercial use. 

B-FACTORY is a paint-on floor screed for high impact areas that has excellent abrasion resistance. As it does not react with acid or alkali based corrosives, it is ideal for factories and workshops.

B-TREAT protects all types of metal against corrosion and can be applied to new and rusted metal. Additional advantages include:

▪   Deep penetration into substrate

▪   Excellent waterproofing and permeability

▪   High fire and heat resistance

▪   No chipping or scaling

▪   Corrosion resistant

▪   Fungus and chemical substance resistance

▪   Rust creep resistant

B-BOND is a highly penetrating primer that has excellent flexibility and impact resistant properties on all surfaces that also acts as a binder that can strengthen a weak substrate. Other major advantages of the product include:

▪   Deep penetration

▪   Excellent waterproofing and permeability

▪   Corrosion resistance

▪   High fire and heat resistance

▪   Ultra Violet (UV) resistance

▪   Resistance to fungus and chemical substances

B-SEAL is an elastic waterproofing for metal, concrete and wood surfaces. It forms a tough, highlydurable, flexible seal that protects and can tolerate thermal movements. It is ideal for metal roofs, parapets, fish ponds, dams, gutters, down pipes, concrete roofs, pre-cast panel walls, glazing, etc. Additional advantages include:

▪   Fast drying, excellent water resistance

▪   Excellent movement tolerance

▪   Stain resistance

▪   Impact resistance

▪   Cures to form an elastic seal

▪   High fire resistance

▪   Excellent in sealing cracks and joints

B-VARNISH is available as a clear product, with superb sealing qualities. It penetrates deep into the surface and reduces oil, grease, acids, and alkalis seeping into the surface. Additional advantages include:

▪   Ultraviolet, heat and stain resistant

▪   Does not turn yellowish with age

▪   Good adhesion and flexibility

▪   Protects surface against efflorescence

B-RUBBER is a UV resistant rubberising compound for corrosion protection and moderate abrasion applications and well suited for light delivery vehicles. No noxious fumes during painting and no need for solvents. High slip resistance makes it ideal for stairways in shopping centres and multi-storey buildings.

B-PUTTY is ideal for filling holes and cracks and forms a tough, highly durable and flexible seal, with ultimate protection properties and can tolerate thermal movement.

B-GRAFFITI  is  a high scrub and penetration resistant top coat.

B-LUMI is "glow-in-the-dark" paint that functions by absorbing all available light and "storing" it for use when so required. Ideal for marking emergency exits and for energy saving applications.

Keywords: architectural