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By: EasyBizz  09-12-2010
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 EasyBizz SBD provides affordable business start-up services, with a strong emphasis on broad based economic empowerment of the poor and underprivileged, regardless of race, gender, colour or creed.

We strive to empower people to self sustainability, to refine both seasoned and beginner entrepreneurs and generally all people who are improving their economic and personal lives.

Business, Financial and Marketing Plans
By providing industry approved business, marketing, financial and project implementation plans, we research each clients specific needs and focuses on the development of the client within their market, their product and or business within their industry sector.

Business Start Up and Expansion Planning
Whether you're planning to start a business or thinking about expansion, it all starts with a plan. We are professionally qualified to assist with the planning development and compilation of your plans which guide the management and direction of your business, coupled with a project management approach of clearly defined beginning and end, with a milestone achievement style of measurement of your progress.

Strategic Formulation
Within these plans are strategies which illustrate and plot the strategy of success process, taking your innovation or idea, and developing it into a business, by putting ideas into achievable plans, and then into action. These also consider competitors, geographical areas, strengths and weaknesses, all which are accommodated within the businesses or projects strategic intent and formulation.

BEE Transactions
Each BEE transaction is unique, and often impossible to place into a single formula as the merits of the conditions of sale, seller, buyer and amount are always different. We facilitate BEE transactions through management buy-ins, or buy-outs, mergers & acquisitions or simply the outright buying or sale of your business, and moving the disempowered to self empowerment.

Launch Support
To launch a business or product can be a daunting task at best. The support of experienced business people in this area can be critical as the considerations of launching a business or product to the public have many critical components to it. As a team, together with you the client, we ensure that all processes preceding the launch or a business or product are considered.

Interim Management
As clients may not have the immediate capacity to manage their business due to distance, geographical constraints or other, we provide and develop the management culture and operations systems for our clients to ensure a smooth handover of their business and its processes.

Performance Assessments
Once a business and its operations have been established, its investors, directors, owners, shareholders and clients, or even suppliers may require periodic assessments of its performance. We monitor and report over a set timeframe, the activities of the company, usually ending in the measurement of profit and volume of trade.

Transformation and Management Intervention
Many businesses go through tough times throughout their growth, and even in todays highly challenging economic climate, many business often fail completely or operate on the edge of ruin. Our team dont just have firsthand experience of this, but are qualified to assist in all aspects of the re engineering or turnaround of the business, to return it to profitability. Its always safer being part of a recovery team, than standing and weathering the storms alone, and to remain operating and economically active. After all, a business is worth far more when operating, than when its not, to owners, creditors, banks and prospective buyers or investors.

Investment and Investor Relations
Whether your business or product requires expansion or development capital, need to recover your business from losses, want to sell all or part of your business, need a partner to help you launch a new product, additional finance is usually always welcome. Thats why we both source and develop investments and investor relations to suite you the business owner, the financier or the investor.

Transaction Facilitators
When investors or financiers provide funding, or the sale of a business comes to fruition, EasyBizz SBD facilitates the sale, transfers and registrations for and on behalf of the seller and the buyer, through our trust funds and partnering attorneys.

Due Diligence Audits
Entrepreneurs applying for funding, finance, buying or selling a business, need to know that the buyers or purchasing entity is legitimate. EasyBizz SBD conducts a due diligence before every transaction and makes sure that all the parties are in good standing, at all levels.

Secretarial Services
EasyBizz SBD provides business secretarial services such as closed corporations or company registrations or section 21 and co operative businesses. From trademark registrations, business name reservations, PAYE, UIF and VAT registrations, accounting services and human resource management, or whether considering a co operative business structure, our secretarial division can assist.

Keywords: Plans