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By: EasyBizz  09-12-2010
Keywords: Development

We develop individuals. Individuals develop businesses, so training and educating is key to EasyBizz SBD.

As we are SETA accredited, our training programs and seminars are constantly being developed and refined.

To support our clients, EasyBizz SBD hosts conferences and seminars across South Africa. Entrepreneurs need encouragement and motivation just like everyone else, and entrepreneurship can often be a lonely road. EasyBizz SBD seminars are designed to motivate and problem solve our clients businesses via group participation, therefore we also present and host business seminars and motivational talks on various business topics to both our DTI and corporate clients, either on site or at our training centres in George, Cape Town, Durban Central or Rivonia in Sandton, Gauteng. Visitors are welcome.

Working together with senior management, business owners and directors, EasyBizz SBD assists in the training of the business management to achieve turn around, and the set goals and objectives of the business, as also the finite operational management of the business in a team structured manner. Mentoring After establishing a new venture, investment or expansion, we assists in the managing of new processes and or procedures, either on request by the client, or the investor or lending institution. Mentoring is a short term process implemented to teach and assist in the beginning stages of a business, and continues until the client or the implemented processes has been managed to self sustainability.

Current seminar topics
1. Buying or selling a business.
2. Business plans, marketing plans and financial plans for both new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs.
3. The real entrepreneur. (What is an entrepreneur).
4. Marketing for your business, large or small.
5. The registration processes of businesses.
6. Legal and labour issues are to be considered when starting a business and its relation to your future staff.
7. Planning continually within your business.
8. Why most businesses fail.
9. What is your value? (Exchanging value for money).
10. Working smarter not harder.
11. Business Finance  (Any one of the following core components).
12. Business Management (Any one of the core following components).
13. Marketing and advertising concepts.
14. Project management (Any one of the core following components).
Personal Development
1. Knowing your purpose vision and values.
2. Changing your reality.
3. Personal power.
4. Keeping the entrepreneurial motivation alive.

Keywords: Development