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By: Earthly Directions Agricare (Pty) Ltd.  02-08-2016
Keywords: Organic Gardening, Natural Fertilizers, garden inputs

Mineral Fusion is a natural mineral product that contains a broad spectrum of micronutrients and trace minerals, which are essential to the soil food web, but are often depleted in the soil, due to erosion, leaching and unsustainable farming practices. Mineral Fusion helps to restore these mineral imbalances increasing soil vitality and producing healthier, more nutritious plants. This is hugely important and often overlooked, because just like humans, plants need a diverse and extensive range of nutrients to develop healthily and realize their full potential! Mineral Fusion is not a fertiliser, its use promotes soil health, not rapid plant growth. Soil health however is of extreme importance, as a healthy soil is key to the growth of healthy plants, and without robust soil health, plants are more susceptible to disease and pests! How does Mineral Fusion develop soil health and fertility? By providing a massive range of minerals in an accessible form for soil microbiology to feed on. In turn supporting the development of a diverse and active soil food web. These microorganisms are the life blood of the soil! Mineral Fusion will not burn your plants or leach out of the soil. Plants will only use as much as they require in a growing season, leaving any additional Cal Fusion, in the soil for the following year. This is what makes it a truly sustainable solution for plant growth and health! Cover the surface of the soil, and water gently after. 10 Tonnes = per Hectare Seedlings = 1 Teaspoon per seedling Pot plants = 1 Tablespoon per 5 litre capacity Trees = 500g to 1kg per tree Shrubs & roses = 1 to 2 Cups per plant Flower & veg beds = 1kg per 1m2 Compost = 5kg per cubic meter of raw material Planting mixes = 10% of total volume of mix Mineral Fusion should be applied during the spring once per year. It can also be applied seasonally for intensive growing. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT FOR ADVICE REGARDING YOUR UNIQUE APPLICATION. - Locally produced in South Africa - Will not burn leaves or roots - No Harmful Ingredients - Slow Release

Keywords: garden inputs, Natural Fertilizers, Organic Gardening,

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