Dust Control Design

By: Dust Monitoring Equipment and Training  01-10-2013
Keywords: Dust Monitoring, Dust Monitoring Equipment, dust buckets

Humankind is well aware of the safety hazards caused by both airborne dust and surface dusty conditions.  

The cost of dust pollution to industry and mining in terms of accelerated maintenance, plant replacement through the premature wearing in critical areas and lost production is not that well understood and often overlooked.

The costs can be astronomical while the greatest and most serious is the loss of person hours due to illnesses associated with or caused by dust.

The indirect cost to mankind of atmospheric dust pollution is incalculable and this cost is only marginally understood even by scientists, engineers and environmentalists.

Savings, in any of these areas, due to dust control measures, can be
substantial and the long-term economics, extremely sound.

All too often, dust control becomes the last item of importance on the design agenda and one that is all too frequently dropped in favour of a later "on-site arrangement if we find the need"

The prime objectives to be achieved by any system devised to control dust, fall into two categories.

  1. Systems controlling the dust content of the atmosphere surrounding or emitted from plant or machinery and maintaining this dust content within reasonable and acceptable limits.
  2. When this is not practicable, the system should control the enclosed dusty atmosphere in such a manner that any air leakage into the enclosure is induced inwards and not permitted to escape bearing dust outwards.

Keywords: dust buckets, Dust Monitoring, Dust Monitoring Equipment, dust watch, fallout dust monitoring, fallout dust monitoring equipment,

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Dust Control Design

Humankind is well aware of the safety hazards caused by both airborne dust and surface dusty conditions.   The cost


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