Durbanville Kinderhuis - Services

By: Durbanville Kinderhuis  11-11-2011

The services rendered at Durbanville Children’s Home are the following:

  • Admission and orientation of new children;
  • Professional assessment of children and their families;
  • Assisting children with adapting to life at the home;
  • Providing and maintaining a safe, hygienic and welcoming space for children;
  • Providing balanced meals, clothing and personal necessities;
  • Providing basic health care;
  • Implementing and monitoring structured daily routines and rules;
  • Identifying opportunities and activities to develop each child’s
  • strengths through participation in sport, cultural, spiritual and life skills development programmes.
  • Providing emotional support and therapy to children;
  • Informing children of expected behaviour and teaching them necessary coping skills;
  • Teaching children how to deal with complaints and reportable incidents;
  • Enabling children to attend formal schooling or day care;
  • Providing supervision and training to staff and volunteers;
  • Providing awareness programmes to children;
  • Supporting and preparing children and their families to reunite;
  • Preparing school leavers to enter the labour market;
  • Analysing the needs of the community, and
  • Networking with schools, social work agencies and other resources.

* Hope, respect and understanding are the three cornerstone values underlying this programme.